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  1. Can’t wait til next week and (hopefully) a better poll.

    Also can’t wait for Convergence to end. Such great potential, such terrible execution. With a few rare exceptions, it makes me feel like I should be curled up in the shower scrubbing myself with steel wool while chanting “Still not clean! Still not clean!”. I get that the event is basically filler while DC moves house, but that doesn’t excuse how shoddy many of the titles have been. I could forgive it if they at least tried to capture the feel of some of the characters, but it feels like they just slapped it together in a rush and added character names as an afterthought.

  2. Guillaume Bérubé on

    The main problem with convergence is how formulaic it is. You can pretty much tell the plot of every tie in in a few sentences. A dome goes around the city trapping averyone. A year later Telos comes in and challenge every one. Did we really need 40 different iteration of that?

    • Yeah but so what? Unless this Booster replaces the new 52 Booster, who cares? I’ll just go back and reread my Booster Gold run from back in the day. That was the real character.

  3. None. I read the first 3 “spine” books and they were nigh unintelligible. Now that I know that this”event” has no repercussions to the greater DC universe nor anything to do with Multiversity. Why waste money on these books? I’ll just go back and reread books I like from before the new 52. At least the characters made sense and didn’t have to fight each other for stupid reasons.

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