This week, Stephen and Matthew sit down to read the penultimate issue of the Black Vortex series as they explore the world of Legendary Star-Lord #11.

Legendary_Star-Lord_Vol_1_11_TextlessLEGENDARY STAR-LORD (2014) #11
Writer: Sam Humphries
Artist: Paco Medina
Publisher: Marvel
THE PENULTIMATE CHAPTER OF THE BLACK VORTEX With an entire planet encapsulated in amber, the Guardians and the X-Men have few options left. And when a powerful and ancient entity enters the battlefield, their only choice may be to submit to the Black Vortex. But in saving the galaxy from this threat, the purest among them may be lost forever.

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  1. Matthew, you forgot Pete Wisdom is part of Kitty’s collection of Petes. They dated back during the mid-90’s Excalibur run when Kitty was eighteen or so. She also dated Bobby Drake for a short time, so she doesn’t ONLY date guys named Pete.

    Stephen, a short primer on the current state of the X-Men. In 2011, Wolverine and Cyclops had a fight because Wolverine felt Cyclops was treating mutant kids too much like soldiers. Wolverine split with several of the younger mutants, and with Kitty, Beast, Iceman, Angel, Rachel Summers, and Doop built the Jean Grey School on the ruins of the Xavier School (with Xavier’s blessing).

    Kitty (who is in her mid twenties at this point) and Wolverine were the joint headmasters of the school, with various other adults filling in as professors in a GREAT run of comics – Wolverine and the X-Men.

    Then AvX happened, Storm left Cyclops’s group and joined the Other group. Cyclops went Dark Phoenix and killed Xavier, Hope and Scarlet Witch used the Phoenix force to restart the mutant race, and Cyclops and company were arrested. Then he broke out, freed Magneto, Emma Frost, and Magik, and started his whole Mutant Freedom Fighter/Terrorist shtick.

    Continuing on, Beast thought he was dying (he got better), decided to pull the original X-Men from the past to make Cyclops realize what a dick he was, and the younger versions got stuck in the present. Kitty was acting as their teacher/chaperone, decided that the Jean Grey School wasn’t the best place for them, and took them to join Cyclops.

    Storm took over Kitty’s position at the Jean Grey School, Wolverine died, and the young original X-Men have been bouncing back and forth between wacky space adventures and Earthbound hijinks. That’s the version of Jean, Bobby, Hank, and Warren in this issue, and Scott is currently out having adventures with his space pirate dad in the Cyclops series… because SPACE PIRATE DAD!

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