There are a plethora of female characters in Geek culture with more and more cropping up all the time. Comic book publishers are more concerned with representation than ever and it is coming along (slowly), with titles from the big 2 like Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Spider-Gwen, Ms Marvel and Princess Leia. With that in mind, Major Spoilers presents you with the Top 5 Female Characters that Deserve a Solo Series!

#5. Chibiusa a.k.a. Sailor Mini Moon/Sailor Chibi Moon


What You Know Her From: Sailor Moon franchise (Tokyopop)
Who is She: Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask’s daughter from the 30th Century
Powers: Transformation into Sailor Scout via the Prism Compact and Chibi Moon Compact, Luna P transformations, Pink Sugar Heart Attack, Twinkle Yell to call Pegasus, Double Sailor Moon Kick used with Usagi, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Supersonic Waves
Why She Deserves a Solo Series: Chibiusa, more than any of the other Sailor Scouts, epitomizes the Japanese manga/anime archetype of the beautiful fighting girl. A standalone series from Tokyopop that dealt with her life in the 30th century before she came back to the 20th century that could potentially plant the seeds of her turn to evil as an adult would be really, really interesting and expand the Sailor Moon universe in a new way. As the most unique character (aside from the titular Usagi, of course), Chibiusa has enough compelling aspects inherently in her character to carry a title of her own!


#4. Bumblebee


What You Know Her From: DC Comics, Young Justice and Teen Titans cartoons
Who is She: Karen Beecher-Duncan, member of Teen Titans and Doom Patrol, DC’s first female African American superhero
Powers: Solar-powered suit with attached bumblebee wings that results in flight, the ability to shrink to the size of an insect, fire sonic force blasts, electrical stings
Why She Deserves a Solo Series: Bumblebee has never ever had one! Being DC’s first African American superheroine is a hugely powerful claim that ought to be developed more. Not only does Bumblebee have a good look and a compelling power set, but Karen is one of the smartest characters in the DCU! She’s affiliated with S.T.A.R. Labs and if the Bumblebee solo series were about an action/science heroine of colour were a slam dunk that would bring a lot of clout to DC as a publisher with so much attention on representation in the medium right now.


#3. Asami Sato


What You Know Her From: The Legend of Korra on Nickelodeon
Who is She: Non-Bender and owned of Future Industries, Korra’s love interest at the end of the series
Powers: Asami is smart, a pilot and an inventor, her main offense is a pair of electrified gloves
Why She Deserves a Solo Series: Asami is a smart lady and she’s a businesswoman – these two aspects make her a strong role model for young girls, particularly when set in a world where such respect and credit is placed in a set of supernatural powers that strike at random. Additionally, with the revelation at the end of Legend of Korra that she and Korra are romantically involved, Asami becomes a powerful role model for LGBTQ youth and that is something very lacking in the current culture of mass media. The Avatar saga has never achieved momentous success with their tie-in comic series and an Asami-focused solo series could raise their profile in the medium a lot.


#2. Sabine Wren


What You Know Her From: Star Wars: Rebels on Disney XD
Who is She: Member of Kanan’s rebel crew, born on Mandalore and a drop out of the Imperial Academy
Powers: Weapons Expert
Why She Deserves a Solo Series: Sabine is easily the best character on the show and Rebels does a really bad job at highlighting its female characters – so why not take the chance to bring Sabine to print? The Princess Leia comic series is coming to an end (and the shortest one of Marvel’s new Star Wars lines), and the Kanan title just launched, so Marvel is obviously not against playing with this world in print. If Sabine Wren were able to take up the mantle of the Marvel Star Wars’ female lead creators would also have the opportunity to highlight her time at the Imperial Academy – something we’ve not seen much of to date – and what drove her to throw her lot in with the Rebellion. Plus, Sabine has one of the coolest character designs Star Wars has had in a long time – the Mandalorian helmet has always been cool and her penchant for graffiti would feed the artistic medium inherent in comic books.


#1. Go Go Tomago


What You Know Her From: Big Hero 6 movie for Disney or Big Hero 6 comic series for Marvel
Who is She: The speedster team member in Big Hero 6
Powers: A yellow/gold suit with four disks that act as both wheels/skates and projectiles
Why She Deserves a Solo Series: Now I do mean the incarnation from the Big Hero 6 (2014), film. GoGo is a scientist with a penchant for speed and she’s tough as nails, she inspires others to do better with her tenacity and her intelligence. Marvel is on a kick of young female leads and GoGo Tomago would be an excellent addition to that – even one that could be branded as an all-ages title in order to tie directly in with the Big Hero 6 movie franchise. There could also be ample opportunity to bring Honey Lemon into the series as a best friend/sidekick which leaves creators with two non-Caucasian characters in leading roles (Honey is Hispanic and GoGo is Asian). There is ample material to explore because GoGo was very much a supporting character in Big Hero 6 and that could allow for a lot of great creativity and freedom for the writer and the artist.


Who would have made your list? Which female character would you like to see star in her own book? Let us know below!

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a Sabine centric comic mini-series or novel at some point. During the run of Clone Wars, there were a few EU novels that tied into the series (and these included some that were part of the normal novel line, not just Young Adult or Kids novels) as well as comics, so I’d be more surprised if they didn’t give her some focus in one medium or another. I just hope it comes sooner rather than later.

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