This week we kick off big events for the Big Two: Convergence #0 arrives on April 01 and runs for the next two months, and May sees Marvel’s big Secret Wars event. Both seem very similar to one another, but I’m going to guess there’s more under the hood than what we have lead to believe. Knowing many readers have allegiances to one company over another, we wonder if that means you are more interested in one even over the other.


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  1. I have always been more of a DC fan than Marvel, with the exception of maybe three or four titles on either side, To be honest both of these events seem pretty much the same Idea with different characters and window dressing. I think I gotta go with DC. Better the devil you know

  2. Not particularly looking forward to either, but I have a passing interest in both. However, Secret Wars wins out a bit since Marvel hasn’t done anything quite like this on a massive scale before compared to the multiple times DC has done a multiverse clean-up and/or universe reboot. I’m just curious how Marvel will play it out.

  3. I probably have about equal amounts of excitement and trepidation for both events. Secret wars gets my vote just because I’m a little more familiar with the history of the Marvel univers.

  4. I have slight interest in both. I’ll pick up few issues here and there and decide what to read on the go.

  5. To be specific, I am really looking forward to what DC will do AFTER convergence.
    I think reading Secret Wars could be really fun with the smashing together of events.

  6. I voted Secret Wars for two reasons –

    1. I’m more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan. Always have been . Started my comic reading with the aftermath of the Infinity Gauntlet in Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, and I’ve been a Marvel guy ever since.

    2. The recent story that Hickman has been telling through Avengers and New Avengers with the Incursions, Ivory Kings, Black Swans, etc. has just been awesome, and I can’t wait to see how it all ties together at the end.

  7. Jurisprudence on

    Honestly, I do not care for events. I voted for Secrets Wars, though, because I really don’t like DC events and I do not read DC anymore. I do have some interest in Secret Wars because I am curious how Marvel will deal with such big shakeup in their continuity. I have a suspicion though that Secret Wars will shake things up for a little while but in two years from now they will have returned to the status quo. Either way, I will read some Secret Wars stuff and I will not read a single bit of Convergence.

  8. This one it’s complex for me.
    As an “Event” i’m more interested in Marvel’s secret wars, because of Hickman’s writing and ‘cos it’s the end of all those incursions, illuminati, cabal, Mr. Fantastic’s bridge, etc.. plot lines and DC’s convergence feels like a bunch of stories put together just as a place holder during the moving of HQs.

    But on the other hand, DC’s convergence has way more potential of throw around some out there concepts that can be interesting while Marvel’s Secret Wars for all the build up it will surely end up in a big formulaic “And then they fight”.

    What i really, really hope it’s that somehow this is all a secret DC/Marvel crossover that ends with the return of Amalgam Comics

  9. Guillaume Berube on

    It’s the post event that seems interesting with both. DC’s post Convergence lineup hits more right than New 52 did, I love what they’ve done with Batgirl, Gotham Academy and a few other titles and their reboot seems to focus on what went right there. I feel like Marvel’s titles that are good are those that don’T get buried in continuity and are tightly focused on telling good stories. Cleaning up a bit and merging with the good ideas of alternate versions of character will probably help them too. As for the events if Secret Wars can get some of the awesomeness of Spider-verse to rub on it it could be fun.

  10. I’m going with Secret Wars. Pretty easy for me, as I’m a long term Marvel guy who was a kid comic book reader with the first Secret Wars came out. Dropped out of comics in the 90s and got back about 10 years ago. Hickman is my favorite writer of the modern age, and I love his long storyline with big payoff approach. I know it’s easy to bash these events, particularly due to event fatigue and the similarity between SW/Convergence, but I have faith in Hickman and Marvel is on a good roll right now … make mine Marvel!

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