Sometime last week, entirely by chance, Widget and I caught an episode of ‘Steven Universe’.  Immediately afterwards, we set the DVR to record the next one, and in the past few days we have been binge-watching as much as we can, including the big revelations in some of the recent new episodes.  I am really stunned at how quickly the show has become our favorite, especially after a year or two of seeing promos and such and feeling no real interest in the show.  It’s always wonderful when something suddenly leaps to the top of your metaphorical read pile, especially since the last time I recall such an occurrence was the Slott/Allred ‘Silver Surfer series from Marvel, some of the best comics out of the House Of Ideas in this decade, with previous fave-raves including ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and the strange, ethereal music of Radiohead, which leads us to today’s preferential query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) can only lay about 35% of my fascination with the cartoon on my crush on Garnet, asking: What’s the last thing you can remember suddenly becoming one of your favorite bits of pop culture?


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  1. A lot of CN cartoons, like Steven Universe, Clarence and Adventure Time, surprised me. Sure, there is still a bunch I don’t care as much for (such as Uncle Grandpa), but many that I expected to be awful or even just tedious turned out to be very fun and enjoyable.

    Most recently, I decided to watch “Terra Nova” on Netflix just so I could understand some of the references friends make to it. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it very much (I saw the pilot when it first aired and wasn’t that interested), but now that I’ve seen the entire series I finally understand why so many people were upset at it being cancelled. It wasn’t perfect, but it was still a pretty fun series.

    And while it is pretty well known that I’m a fan of Super Sentai and some incarnations of Power Rangers, I’ve been fairly unhappy with Power Rangers since Saban took control of it again. Samurai and Megaforce were pretty lackluster, with the only redeeming factors of Megaforce being the cutest pink ranger since Kimberly AND an appearance by Tommy as the MMPR Green Ranger. So I really had no hope that the newest series Dino Charge would be any different. But for some reason, I find myself enjoying it. Sure, it is nowhere near as good as the later seasons of Saban’s first era or the Disney era, nor is it as good as the Super Sentai source material, but it is certainly leaps and bounds better than Samurai and Megaforce so far.

  2. Steven Universe quickly became one of my favorite shows as well. And it’s all because of you guys. If you had never mentioned it on the podcast, I might never have looked into it.

    Thanks, Major Spoilers!

  3. I’m just here to gush about how awesome Steven Universe has been lately. I have the Stronger Than You track stuck in my head and it’s the best. The composers who do the music for the show have a fantastic body of work as well, and you can check out their soundcloud:

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