Recently in San Francisco, California a group of questionable moral status known as the Freedom Defence Initiative purchased ad space in order to spread anti-Muslim sentiment across the city. These hateful ads appeared on public buses across the city, which in the past has been famed for its liberal attitude and a few well-known comic shops.

Awesomely, an anonymous activist fought back against these hate-fueled adverts by putting up graffiti images of Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel. Kamala is a Muslim-American who actively practices her faith co-created and penned by G. Willow Wilson (who also happens to be a practicing Muslim).


Although the person who did this work has elected not to come forward publicly, they have done something very brave in protecting a group of people that was being unjustly attacked. They have made Ms. Marvel proud and this act should make comic book fans every take the lessons our heroes are teaching to heart.


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Ashley Victoria Robinson is a Canadian girl by day and Robin by night. She lives in Los Angeles now and stars as Ensign Williams in THE RED SHIRT DIARIES, co-hosts the GEEK HISTORY LESSON podcast and writes for Top Cow.


  1. I can’t blame them for not coming forward considering that they would probably get in trouble legally since it is technically graffiti, but I truly admire what they did.

    I like the first one best. I’m not technically a racial minority (well, sorta, but I’m so mixed that I -LOOK- white), but as a lesbian, I am pretty used to people using “free speech” as a cover for acting like complete and total hatemongers (and a few who even use it as an excuse to physically attack others).

  2. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Well as a guy who grew up in a Muslim family I obviously appreciate the sentiment. As a long time fan of all Marvels (Both Ms’ and Captains) I just like to see that imagery on the side of a bus.

    But as just some random dude, I can’t condone vandalism.
    I can LIKE it. But I can’t condone it.

    I can really, really like it though.

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