In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: Don’t ever make the DM mad.

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  1. Really, these sessions are the poster child for why a DM should read through a pregen adventure more than once prior to play. I don’t feel your team has given the LMoP a real, fair go. There is no rule that precludes a DM from investing in a pregen module and bringing the locations, protagonists and adventures to life as they would with a home brew game.

  2. So interesting to here this take on the adventure. I have been listening to a group play through this on RPGMP3, and they have taken a completely different route then you. The beats are there, but an entirely different tack to it. With the Critical Hit group, it is more an arrow shot straight for the castle, with them they do a goodly chunk of the side events that are not explored by your group. Different but interesting none the less.

  3. Critical his shows again why its the best podcast of all of them. Love, love, love the show please keep up the great work.

  4. Great job as always, everyone! Rodrigo continues to shine as a PC. But, I ‘d also like to praise Stephen. I think this character fits your play style. Not that I don’t enjoy Orem as well. There’s just seems to be no hesitation in your in character reactions for Aldus(sp). Vesca’s ideas on how to clear the tower had me laughing. I also can’t argue with the logic that it might be easier to take the tower down than actually “clear” it. Keep up the great work. It’s like I get game night every week instead of once a month!

  5. XavierDarkheart on

    Great episode guys! Had me in stiches at times. My very first thought when the map idea came up was if I know Rob, he is going to give them a map, but its going to be a map straight to zombie tower. Then Stephen was like its prob a map to the tower. Classic stuff. Any ways keep up the good works guys and heres hoping malagogs dice rolls get better.

  6. Another fun episode, good work guys. The party are really starting to click, and are becoming pretty handy in a fight.

    I’d love to see this campaign continue and run into “Princes of the Apocalypse” (which is going to kinda follow on from Phandelver). Perhaps as bonus content for VIP members? ;-)

  7. So if this session was right after the previous episode, how and when did you discover dual weilding?

    The more I listen, the more I appreciate the little things Brian does to portray his character … even if he does ask if wolves have metal armor. Hilarious moment.

    Five orcs are going to be tough for your group. I’ll be eagerly looking for the next episode.

  8. Spite wolves had me chuckling.
    Vesca’s (hope I spelled that correct, sorry if no) plan to burn/collapse the tower has inspired me. My next character will definitely have the skills and proficiencies to pull it off. My theoretical GM will hate me sooo much.

  9. In regards to the love song for Plor, I deplored it, and implore Rodrigo to explore other musical opplortunities. Unplortunately it is stuck in my head now. I may have suffered plormanent damage.

      • *rim shot*

        I wasn’t at all surprised that Rodrigo played a Bard. I don’t know if that was your choice or Rob’s, but Rodrigo’s ability to be a storyteller (as a person) dovetails nicely with the class. I was fully expecting some songs from Rodrigo, as some of his best work as a DM (in my opinion) has been with songs and lore.

        “Iron Sword and Silver Spoon, I hope you will forgive me soon…”

  10. You guys rock!, I love hearing the way this adventure is turning out for you. I ran it for our group and so far we haven’t done the same thing yet lol…though I could go without all the “I hate 5e” talk. Come on…if you are not enjoying your self that much then just take a blunt vegetarian spite wolf bite to the neck already!

    Much love and keep up the good work.

  11. I’m sure other fans have e-mailed or commented somewhere here, but I hope at this point Rob knows that wolves don’t in fact have “reach.” He probably just didn’t read it closely enough, but they have a reach of 5 feet which just means they can attack an adjacent square (hex in your case). Monster stat blocks all seem to be set up this way to differentiate from monsters that have (what you probably consider) reach of 10 feet, 15 feet, or more however most have a standard reach of 5 feet. The goblin and orc stat blocks each say they have reach as well, but again, of 5 feet with a melee weapon (unless, of course, they are using something like a halberd which as a reach of 10 feet).

    I think there was also some discussion about druids and wolves in a recent episode. My interpretation of the rules would be that if you turned into a wolf you would presumably have the same stat block including keen senses and pack tactics. Also you would probably have that ability to knock creatures prone after an attack. A character would just keep his/her “mental” stats of int, wis and cha.

    In the end, i’m enjoying the 5e play. I hope to hear more discussion of the rules and mechanics as you learn them. And finally, I hope to continue to hear more flavor added to in game actions, as opposed to, “I move over here and roll a die.” I just want to encourage more description of what the attack or spell looks like, and make combat (regardless of edition) more entertaining for a listener. Keep up the good work!

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