Box office sales were down 5% in 2014, but it looks like 2015 is going to be a huge year for movie studios and the theater owners.  Two big movies are being released this year that fans have been talking about for a long time; The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.  Regardless of which movie comes out on top, the parent company, Disney is going to laugh all the way to the bank.


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  1. Once upon a time, the answer would have been a resounding STAR WARS!

    Unfortunately, I’ve been hurt by Star Wars too many times for that to be the case any longer. I’m still interested in the movie, but I can’t build up any real excitement for it.

    Age of Ultron, on the other hand, is in a universe with no real disappointments thus far for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of either Thor movie, but both Captain America movies and Guardians of the Galaxy blew me away. I’m pumped for each and every new thing coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Speaking of which – Agent Carter premieres tonight!

  2. I’m looking forward more to Age of Ultron. I’ve gotten awfully disillusioned by the Star Wars movies and can’t help but be cautious about a new movie in that series. Marvel has a decent track record so far with making movies that are exciting and fun, so I feel better taking my chances with them.

  3. Doctor Dinosaur on

    Well Age Of Ultron is almost certainly going to be the better movie. At least for me.

    Firstly, I trust Whedon a heckuva lot more than Abrams.
    Secondly, It’s Whedon doing the superhero “Empire Strikes Back”. (Don’t get too attached to Hawkeye..I’m calling it).
    And third, it’s the first true Whedon Marvel film. The first Avengers film while it had Whedon as the director wasn’t fully written by him, he was essentially a suped-up script-doctor for a Zack Penn story. And you can imagine the amount of guidelines set by Marvel for their first cross-over. After the success he’ll probably have some more freedom.

    Unless you don’t especially enjoy Marvel superheroes, happen to be a huge Star Wars fan (or both) I think the answer is fairly evident when looking past the “franchises” themselves and simply considering the writer/directors on each project.

    In simpler terms Buffy>Alias.

  4. Shame there wasn’t a third option to choose both. But since there wasn’t, then I pick Star Wars, but not for lack of interest in Avengers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been superbly handled, and has been not only a very comic book like movie experience, it is an amazing franchise in it’s own right. Even though it has a few entries I didn’t care for as much as others (such as Agents of SHIELD, which I do enjoy, but I don’t think it is living up to it’s potential), I’m still a big fan of the overall franchise and how they have brought some of my life-long favorite characters to life.

    But Star Wars is Star Wars. I’m like a sports fan that sticks with their team even when it never wins because I adore the setting. As much as I adore superheroes, I’m much more excited to revisit a galaxy far, far away in this instance.

  5. I’m going with Star Wars. At this point I’ve seen one Marvel movie I’ve seen them all. They’re all the same to me. As long as Marvel can keep Whedon busy enough to keep him away from SW then that’s a bonus for me.

  6. Star Wars. Always Star Wars. Avengers 2 will be good, but it’s been 3 decades since a really good Star Wars movies, and that is a far more exciting exciting prospect.

    • I only slightly disagree on a technicality. The animated Clone Wars movie that was a lead-in to the animated series wasn’t too bad (at least to me) and was an actual movie (rather than episodes of the TV series edited together and with a theatrical release and everything). But I do agree it has been that long since a really good LIVE ACTION Star Wars film has been on the screen.

  7. Both! My brain exploded trying to decide!

    I chose Star Wars, but I will be seeing both of these movies in theaters!

  8. It’s a tough call, as I’m looking forward to both of them. If I had to pick though, I’d say Star Wars. Mainly because we’ve seen what Whedon can do with an Avengers movie, (make it awesome), but we’ve not seen what JJ will do with Star Wars. I guess it’s that Star Wars is more of an unknown than Avengers for me right now so I’m more curious about it.

  9. This is such a tough call. I ended up voting for Star Wars because while I know I’m going to love Avengers (as I have every Marvel film) I WANT to love Star Wars. I’m so ready to love Star Wars again and it looks like it is finally going to happen.


  10. I voted for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

    It is a shame there was not a third option to vote (BOTH). These are two movies that must be seen on the BIG screen.

    Marvel Studios has build up so much credibility since Iron Man, where the last Star War movies were “meh”.

    Who will win the box office domestically and internationally? Avengers

  11. Star Wars all the way. I am seriously behind in watching Marvel Movies. I haven’t seen Winter Soldier or GofG yet, I don’t care one bit about Ant Man, and they’ve already done an animated TV show episode about Ultron, so I’m not all worked up about that. I wasn’t too enthusiastic about Star Wars until I saw what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek, and I wasn’t going to forgive him for defecting to that OTHER star franchise until I saw the trailer. Damn! Now I am really looking forward to the movie. Age of Ultron… meh. Star Wars…. Bring it on!!!

  12. I feel like at this point we know what we’re going to get with Avengers. There’s been something like ten Marvel CU movies and while they’re all pretty good, they have a strong consistency. With Star Wars though, I think there’s more room to be pleasantly surprised. With the prequels being such a large chip on the franchise’s shoulder I feel like there’s going to be an outstanding effort by everyone involved. I think it’s going to simply be a more interesting and unexpected experience.

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