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  1. René Christiansen (@Rugholm86) on

    Felt like one big Action Scene.. Great Action.. no Story.

    Best part of the movie was the Tolkien Allstar D&D party fight scene. (Two Wizards, a Cloister Cleric and a Ranger)

  2. Knowing that the extended edition will have up to an hour of extra scenes made the movie feel incomplete. Enjoyed it but too many things left unanswered.

  3. I felt like there were too many changes to the original story. Also the scene with the rescue of Gandalf was very poorly edited. Hopefully the extended version makes it better.

  4. I think I’m going to try to see this on Boxing Day.
    I don’t have the highest expectations, but I’m sure it will be a fun ride.

  5. Ask me again when the DVD comes out. It isn’t airing in my town, and even if it were I don’t really have the funds to justify the costs of seeing a movie in theaters at the prices they ask. Now if only I didn’t have so many freakin med bills, things might be different.

  6. Leftenant Analogy on

    Saw it the same weekend as it came out, after doing a Hobbit marathon earlier the same day.

    While I enjoyed its aesthetics, and the larger battles, I felt that most of the movie lacked rhyme or reason. Changes in character happened too quickly either way, tactically unsound actions (I’m looking at you elves!), and optional physics.

    All in all, an enjoyable movie, but I have no need to watch it again in the near future.

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