Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: A plan of escape would probably be a good thing!

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  1. My heart was pounding the whole time, I was so nervous! I don’t want to even think how the season finale is gonna be.
    Kudos to everyone for another fantastic episode!

  2. Aspiring Spambot on

    I really like the tension of this episode. When I realized that the skill challenge was full of secondary characters and that you could easily kill some or all of them off if they failed, it really got me engaged in it.

  3. I feel like something is out of balance on the skills challenge. The players should not so consistently fail them. The house rules undoubtedly make them harder because you can’t use your best skill over and over. Even then, they seem to heavily disfavor the players. Often it seems like the skill bonus for the player is around 20, but the success threshold is 33-35. This means that any given roll is only 1/3 or 1/4 likely to succeed. It should be tilted the other way with at least a 2/3 chance of success to get 8 successes before 3 failures. DM needs to break out the statistics books from college and rebalance.

    • I have to agree. When Rob rolled a 13 on the die and didn’t succeed then the challenge is too difficult. It’s the same reason why they can’t in combat too. They are constantly having to deal with challenges that are levels above them and that gets exhausting to listen to .

  4. I have always taken Rodrigo’s rule to put an emphasis on role play, I love his rule and I love that they fail them. I think they’re even better with the alternate half parties because the players don’t know the characters as well as the standard party and more importantly don’t know each others’ charcter abilities. Rob is such a confident player but put him in a skill challenge and it’s like you can hear his brain thrashing for ideas, I love it because he seems out of his comfort zone. I love hearing Adrianna verbally squirm, Bryan with his understated comments and wealth of ideas, Stephen trying to figure out how to use history (ok older ref) and Matthew being his usual role playing badass. Since I’m not into the animals I found the skills challenge was that part of the episode that sucked me in and again made me appreciate the dynamic of a role playing group.

  5. What a great episode! I really liked the twist on the skill challenge and the fact that Brian and Matthew picked their teammates. Also, the tension whenever we got a glimpse of the ongoing battle and probably a good piece of foreshadowing for the upcoming episodes. A fantastic concept for an epic finale with multiple characters involved! And great roleplaying on Plague Jackal, Stephen! You really nailed it with the character’s voice and traits. Today I finally subscribed for recurring donation – thank you all for the great show!

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