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Top Five is a show where the hosts categorize, rank, compare, and stratify everything… from cars to gadgets to people and movies. From stuff that is hot, and things that are not nearly as interesting – it’s Top Five.

Wake up, grab a bowl of sugar pops, and sit down in front of the tee-vee. This week, we look at our favorite shows we loved as kids.

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  1. 1. The Simpsons- The first eight or so seasons really defined my sense of humor for years to come. It’s early Simpsons, what else do I have to say?
    2. Venture Brothers- I’ve watched this show from when it premiered ten years, and have loved it ever since. The characters, stories, references, etc. So much to love.
    3. Justice League Unlimited- Just the best synthesis of superheroes, that I can just watch over and over.
    4. The Drew Carey Show- (since I can’t say Cheers or a lot of other sitcoms) I thought this show was really good until the last few seasons, it was smart when it needed to be, and at times really cartoony. Just a show I can still remember a lot of the story arcs. Always looked forward to the ‘What’s wrong with this episode?’
    5. Gargoyles- Probably my first heavily serialized show that I desperately tried to always stay up on. Again characters, awesome stories, animation? Rodrigo has really covered most of the reasons this show is awesome.

  2. Heres mine (american shows, since theres no possible way anyone has ever heard of our domestic ones)

    1. Miami Vice (Im surprised this was not mentioned by you guys.)
    2. MacGyver
    3. Knight Rider
    4. The Simpsons
    5. Star Trek The Next Generation

  3. 1. Saturday Morning (which encompasses many cartoons, roller derby, wrestling, Doctor Who, etc. back in the days when it was the only time to catch cartoons)
    2. Star Trek (there is only one)
    3. Land of the Lost
    4. Magnum P.I.
    5. Six Million Dollar Man

  4. I am old enough that I can list Star Trek on this list. Here is my list:
    5 – The Adventures of Tintin (1960s). I only caught a few episodes of this on tv when I got home from school in the first grade, which would date this to 1961. The only episode I remember was Explorers on the moon. This single episode sparked a lifetime love of Herge and Tintin. I finally found a copy of this one episode on the internet and it doesn’t hold up. It was pretty terrible. But for my generation, this was the show that introduced us to the Belgian-French cartoon school, Herge and Tintin.
    4 – This was a toss up between the original Wild Wild West or The Addams Family, but The Addams Family won out because, unlike The Wild Wild West, the Addams Family never got old, and the later movies didn’t suck.
    3 – Lost in Space. My older brother wanted to watch Star Trek and I wanted to watch Lost in Space and they were both on at the same time. Although this show is pretty lame, in retrospect, I put it on my list because as a boy, the Lost in Space girls were the actresses that first made me aware that girls were different and special. You hadda be eight to really enjoy this show.
    2 – Robotech. This appeared when I was in high school, and though the show is actually cobbled together from 3 unrelated anime shows, and thus the plot has more holes than the Tillamook cheese factory, I was so taken with this show that I taped it on our out Beta-Max machine so I could watch it after school. And it sparked a live-long love of anime once it became more widely available. The thing that was so amazing about this show was that some of the main characters died “for real” in the show, which was something that just wasn’t done on television, much less in animated “kids” shows, and also, before it was airbrushed out in later releases, the emblems on all the buses in the background, and the signs on some of the buildings read “$#it”. This was actually a truntication for a Japanese word dealing with transportation, and on first release, nobody noticed that it was an rude word.
    1 – Star Trek. I’ve said it before: After watching the vietnam war and the Kennedy assasinations, race riots and stuff like that on television, the only bright spots were watching the Apollo moon landing and something called Star Trek which disguised morality plays under cheap sci-fi dressing. I not only saw this in first release, but watched it in reruns for decades, and it’s the only television show that I bought the entirely of on DVD.

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