For those of us not lucky enough to be at the Magic: The Gathering party at PAX we have to wait for morsels of info to trickle down from the internet. Well, wait no longer Major Spoilers has all your juicy Khans of Tarkir Spoilers!

Let’s start with a big one. Sarkhan Vol is back, and now he is extra dragony:

Sarkhan, The Dragonspeaker

Check that guy out, for 5 mana you get a planeswalker AND a dragon on the turn he comes out.

Now let’s see some of the new mechanics! First is something that we first saw in Futuresight:

Delve Khans of Tarkir

Delve’s something the fans have been asking for for a log time. There’s a brand new mechanic, too! It’s Outlast:

Outlast Khans of Tarkir

I said it before as a joke, but I’m starting to think that a set that includes wedge-aligned factions, the return of Morph, the return of Delve, and (reportedly) time travel, is Magic R&D giving the players everything they were asking for so they can get back to designing the sets they want to do.

Is that too cynical? How about I just leave you with some more cards and we call it even:



Via Mark Rosewater’s Twitter.

UPDATE:  Here is a look at all of the art released at the PAX event from our friends at Wizards of the Coast

Abzan---AnafenzaJeskai---NarsetMardu---Zurgo Bloodstained-Mire Crackling-Doom Dragon-Style-Twins Duneblast Flooded-Strand Herald-of-Anafenza  Jeskai-Elder  Mardu-Skullhunter Narset,-Enlightened-Master Necropolis-Fiend Polluted-Delta Rattleclaw-Mystic Sarkhan,-the-Dragonspeaker  Sultai-Charm  Temur-Ascendancy Windswept-Heath Wooded-FoothillsSultai---SidisiTemur---Surrak


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