Worlds’ Finest comes to a close as our heroines finally find a way to their war torn home.

Worlds-Finest-025-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001WORLDS’ FINEST #25

Writer: Paul Levitz

Artist: Tyler Kirkham

Publisher: DC Comics

Cover Price: $2.99



Previously in Worlds’ Finest: Huntress and Power Girl have been stranded on our Earth for over five years. When a scientist figures out a way to get them home, will they actually take it? Or will Desaad, servant of Darkseid, stop them?

Comic’s Best Superheroine Team

I’ve been in the minority in this opinion, but I have always thought that this was one of the stronger titles of the New 52. Not the greatest, but a dependable title that would always give you a solid superhero yarn. Plus its lead characters were women! What’s not to love?!? This issue brings us to the conclusion of Helena and Kara’s journey on Earth Prime as the big-wigs at DC Comics have deemed that these two characters must star in the newest weekly series.

This issue has the two heroines enjoying their last day on Earth Prime. Helena likes to take strolls by the river, while it seems Kara has been partying her pants off. Through a turn of events, Desaad is able to find their portal generator, the device that will allow these to two to journey home. He wants to abscond with it, and use it to return to his master. Power Girl and Huntress defeat him at the last second using the machine to return to their true Earth. Only, they find the whole place in ruins and on fire.

Issue 25 of Worlds’ Finest definitely does not deserve their aptly named title. It’s actually a shame that this title had to go. The story here was merely filler, and raises no kind of dramatic stakes. We knew they were always going home. We knew their home is rubble. What could have been a great send-off to this series wound up being 22 pages of just passing the time until these characters could be handed off to the proper Earth 2 series.


Tyler Kirkham was an interesting choice for this issue. His art is different than the “house style” that was established on this book in its early issues. He does a great job of drawing the girls and making them beautiful. His panel work does a great job of creating flow and movement. Although, sometimes his bodies come off as looking still. Instead of organic objects, these bodies can look like stone. Which is a little off-putting when reading a book starring two beautiful heroes.



I’ll miss that Helena and Kara will no longer be the Worlds’ Finest team. I’m excited for their conclusion in the Earth 2 book, but thought it was a great idea that DC had a powerful book starring two kick ass women. Which is something that not many comic book companies can say out there. Goodbye Power Girl and Huntress from Earth Prime, and welcome home.



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