Chew, the multi-award winning series published by Image Comics, will finally receive the adaption it has been searching for for the last few years and it’s starting off on the right foot with Felicia Day and Steven Yuen.

First reported by The Hollywood Reporter last night, along with Chew co-creator John Layman’s Twitter account, Jeff Krelitz will be directing the feature adaptation. Krelitz previous directed the animated Torchwood: Web of Lies and another Image Comic adaptation with Peter Panzerfaust

As far as voice actors are concerned, we know that Steven Yeun will be voicing the cibopath detective Tony Chu with Felicia Day voicing Chu’s love interest, Amelia Mintz. Both characters have food based powers with Tony knowing the full history of whatever he eats, besides beets, and Ameila being able to describe food so well readers can actually taste it while reading.

Chew co-creators John Layman and Rob Guillory will be executive producing the adaptation along with Scott Boxenbaum and former BBC executive Dan Tischler.

The film does not yet have a release date, but the creators are looking towards a digital broadcast and home entertainment release.

I’m super excited to see Chew receive an adaptation, especially with the high-level of talent of those that are involved, and this announcement reminds me that I’m way far behind on reading the series, so excuse me while I go catch up.

via The Hollywood Reporter


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