Lords of the Feywild

In this installment of Critical Hit – A Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast: GOBLINS! The battle continues in this episode!

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  1. Great, great episode. I literally stopped trafic when Kets eeg opened.
    And Randus callings Crabs his lovely assistant.
    Dare I say it ….. Roflmao!

  2. Melanie Brookbank on

    Is it strange that when Ket’s egg hatched, I suddenly had this Mother of Dragons image of him holding that baby bird in an…err appropriate spot?

  3. Anastasia Zasorina on

    Why is everybody so upset at Ket for setting his friends on fire?

    1) Orem has been setting his friends on fire way before Ket ever entered the picture. Heck, if I recall, he set Torq on fire in the episode he met him. And he continues to set his friends on fire with some regularity.

    2) Ket would not hesitate to set himself on fire as well should the situation call for it. That is something he demonstrated in many fights. He treats himself as a piece just like any other with no preferential treatment. If he’s the one with hit points he’d try to tank. If triggering one of his combos requires him to step into the fire, he’d step into the fire. So it’s not like he’s sacrificing others to be safe

    3) I think by that point, everybody except maybe Trelle set Torq on fire at least once. And he was not even the one on fire this time :)

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