Do you know what DC Universe Online is all about? I know that I sure don’t, so let’s watch the people over at LORE explain the story that is unfolding in the game in one minute.

Ya….so it’s a whole lot of crazy stuff resulting in you controlling a character to kick either good guy butt or bad guy butt. Got it.

Any Spoilerites playing DC Universe Online? Does this video sum up the story presented in the game?

via Lore


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  1. I tried it for a little while. There really wasn’t anything to keep me coming back. The fact that I was playing it on my laptop might have been a factor in me losing interest.

    • I’ve had an account since before it went free to play, but I really couldn’t keep myself interested in the game for more than little bits at a time. It has a lot of great story ideas and a lot of potential, but it wasn’t until recently with some of the new updates that I began to take more than a passing interest. I’m actually surprised that even the introduction of Lantern powers didn’t make me rush to start playing full-time (since GL is my all-time favorite superhero concept). It still isn’t as good as it could be, but I like what they have added in the past several updates.

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