Days of Future Past is done showing characters on the front of a magazine and have moved on to showing up stills from the upcoming film. Mystique, Magneto, Iceman, Kitty Pride, and Wolverine with his bone claws are all featured in the latest promotional material.



To say that I’m excited for Days of Future Past is a complete understatement. Most of that excitement draws from my liking of X-Men: First Class and my intrigue about how Bryan Singer will do shoving the first three X-Men movies together with First Class while also introducing more than a handful of new characters to the audience. It’s a large task that I don’t think is impossible but could be easy to get wrong; however, if done correctly should make for an excellent superhero movie.

I know I keep gushing about my desiers to see Days of Future Past, but one butt in the seat does not make a film successful. How are you feeling about Singer’s new X-Men film? Ready to hop in the seat with popcorn today or do you still have hesitation? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. After First Class completely threw the timelines of nearly every character out the window … ?

    Cyclops’ little brother was a teenager in the 60s?
    And, how old is Emma Frost, exactly, since she was an adult in First Class but a teen in Wolverine? (Yeah, I get that they’re now saying that wasn’t really Emma, but that was Emma and she’s identified as such in the credits.)
    Does Moira MacTaggart — the same age in both First Class and Last Stand — just not age?
    Do Charles and Magneto first meet as teenagers (as Magneto stated in one of the films) or as adults (as in First Class)?

    And, that’s ignoring the issues with Chuck walking in the 1980s when he was paralyzed in the 1960s (because he’s gone back and forth like that in the comics). And, that’s ignoring the problems with Beast being regular and then blue (First Class) and then regular (X2) and then blue (Last Stand) because, you know, he’s probably got some device to make him look ‘normal’ to humans or something. And that’s ignoring the issues with both Mystique’s age (because sh’es a shapeshifter and can probably look however old she’d like) and her being ‘born blue’ (First Class) but being ‘cured’ back to her original entirely not blue form (Last Stand) (because, you know, ‘cure’ means no more mutation means no more blue skin … or something).

    Obviously, the X-Men movies just don’t work for me. At all. And, as such, I really couldn’t care less about seeing Days of Future Past.

    That said, Zach, I’m curious how you think they can retroactively make the timelines fit.

  2. Most of my knowledge of these comics come from being the friend of a long time comic fanatic, and watching X-men cartoons as a kid, so if any of this is wrong I’m sure the Internet will correct me…

    In X-MEN I argue that Sabertooth and Wolverine didn’t know each other AT ALL in the first meeting. Sabertooth was sent to get Rogue and Wolverine got in the way. I can see the whole Wolverine amnesia, but how do you explain Sabertooth? Mystic and Nightcrawler didnt know each other in X-2.. you think you’d know your child? X-3 the Juggernaut walks past Xavier in the house.. I guess you don’t know me bro?

  3. It’d be cool if they were doing all this to reboot the X-men universe in line with the Marvel/Avenger’s universe.

  4. Ehhhhhh.

    X-Men movies have been pretty craptacular since X2. X3 was bad, Wolverine: Origins was god-awful, First Class was uninteresting form the get-go because of the “timeline hijinx.” The Wolverine was….okay….and this just looks, like more “timeline hijinx.”

    This, like First Class, will be a DVD rental when it comes out.

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