Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week.

Political Power: Herman Cain
Writer: Jim Beard
Artist: Kurt Belcher
Herman Cain stands as an example of American ingenuity and perseverance. The son of menial labor workers, he pulled himself up the ladder of success – from fast-food worker to pizza mogul, Presidential candidate and beyond, Cain’s story is one of seizing opportunities, but also of embracing mistakes and moving forward.

PPHermanCain HermanCain_01_Color HermanCain_02_Color HermanCain_03_Color HermanCain_04_Color HermanCain_05_Color

Female Force: Sharon Osbourne
Writer: Leon McKenzie
Artist: Jayfri Hashim
From the mind of British comic book writer- Leon McKenzie – comes the story of a powerful 21st century female icon. Daughter. Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Fighter. Straight talker. Survivor. Sharon Osbourne. . . . Don’t be scared.


Vincent Price’s Museum of the Macabre: Collected edition
Writer: Jon Judy, Bradley Sullivan
Artist: Luciano Kars, James Bolton, Jill Lamarina, Luis Chichón
The master of horror takes a trip to the Museum of the Macabre. In this gothic horror graphic novel featuring one of the most well known fright Vincent Price. In the tradition of film icon Vincent Price is revived in these twisted stories that transplant the best of the horror genre into innovative and bizarre landscapes for a new generation of Price’s fans.

VPPMuseumGN VincentMuseum1 VincentMuseum2 VincentMuseum3 VincentMuseum5 VincentMuseum6

Anne of Green Gables #2
Writer: CW Cooke
Artist: Giancarlo Malagutti
Continuing the epic tale of Anne in her quest for a new life. Anne makes new friends. Anne becomes a part of something real. And the readers will get a taste of the novel in ways they never imagined!

ANNEOFGREENGABLES2 AnneofGreen-1 AnneofGreen-2 AnneofGreen-3 AnneofGreen-4 AnneofGreen-5

Crossed Wires #2
Writer: Chad Rebmann
Artist: D.C. Stuelpner
The dramatic crossover of the Muse continues. The evil Mercury has now teleported the 10th Muse and Badger to New Port City, home to the villainous Bomb Queen. The Bomb Queen quickly dispatches with the Badger and the now de powered Muse, then kidnaps Mercury to join her nefarious minion army.

CROSSEDWIRES2 Crossedwires-2 Crossedwires-3 Crossedwires-4 Crossedwires-5 Crossedwires-15 Crossedwires16

Final Death Race: collected edition
Writer: Mel Smith & Paul Birch
Artist: Manuel Martinez
Together for the the 1st time the acclaimed comic book series Final Death Race! Foreign intervention comes at a price but with rioting in the streets, natural resources running low and the economic horizon bleak America is forced to accept international entries to the Death Race. The president’s only hope of regaining national pride is by Frankenstein Junior becoming king of the road!

DEATHRACEFINALGNCOVER Death-Race-1,-Page-1 Death-Race-1,-Page-2- Death-Race-1,-Page-3 Death-Race-1,-Page-4 Death-Race-1,-Page-5

Jesus E. Lee #0 – FREE
Writer: Jon Carroll
Artist: Nick Justus
This special edition shows never before seen character designs and pin-ups. Is he Jesus? Is he Robert E. Lee? Is he both? Jesus E. Lee fights to defend Richmond, VA from the evil onslaught of Angel Eyes. Witness the miraculous and more with the modern-retro thrillride that is, JESUS E. LEE.

JEL00_FrontCover JEL-#1-Bluewater_Page_01 JEL-#1-Bluewater_Page_02 JEL-#1-Bluewater_Page_03 JEL-#1-Bluewater_Page_04 JEL-#1-Bluewater_Page_05

You can download these titles on iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, My Digital Comics, OverDrive, Iverse, Wowio, Kobo & wherever eBooks are sold.

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