The media blitz around Amazing Spider-man 2 is really heating up this week leading up to the first trailer hitting the Internet on Thursday. USA Today has more images that give us a look at Spidey and Electro battling it out.

spidey2-001-600x337 spidey2-002-600x337 spidey2-003-600x337 spidey2-004 spidey2-005

As mentioned earlier, the first Amazing Spider-Man 2 will release tomorrow and you can be sure that when it does we will have it up here on Major Spoilers.

via USA Today


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  1. Just can’t get over how cool that costume looks. But please please please please please don’t let this suck… throwing in three villains is a recipe for failure. Or if it does suck, please suck so badly that they have to sell the rights back to Marvel…

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