The Walking Dead comic has spun-off into multiple different forms of media from television, novels and a successful game from Telltale Games. The first season of the Telltale game was loved by both fans and critics and many are waiting for the release of The Walking Dead: Season Two. To torture excite fans for this month’s release, the developer has released a new image confirming the return on a character from the first season.

 Along with the image bellow, Telltale Games has announced the title of the first chapter of Season Two will be “All That Remains.”TWD_omidIf you haven’t played through Season One of The Walking Dead you can buy it for 50% off on Steam today. Season Two will debut late this month and will be available on PC/Mac, home consoles and iOS, with additional platforms to be announced.

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  1. OMG. Omid. Rob Rasmussen is going to be very excited.

    But he’s alone? And very sad-looking.
    So Christa and the baby are both…

    God. Well, I guess it’s the nature of this world.

  2. Arcturus Mengsk on

    Oh boy. Somehow I’d managed to forget about this. Have to muster up the willpower to get through finals before buying.

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