Michael Bay and crew are back at it again with the giant robots in disguise with Transformers: Age of Extinction. The next installment in the Transforms franchise is set to hit theaters in a little over 6 months so we can expect a ramp up in the marketing with a trailer and more posters just around the corner. For now though we have a set a high-quality production stills for you to view.

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We still have yet to see any robots, especially any of the rumored Dinobots, which means we may just be waiting for the first trailer to arrive before we see any robot fighting action. With a release date of June 27, 2014, I’m sure that a trailer isn’t too far away from releasing.

Does the rumored Dinobots and shake up of the human cast make you more intrigued for this next Transformers movie? Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. “We still have yet to see any robots”

    This is the problem with the Michael Bay movies: the giant transforming robots are afterthoughts in a movie about giant transforming robots.

    We’ve had three Transformers live action movies so far and nothing resembling a real, fleshed out character among the actual Transformers. Sadly the closest we got were the annoying (and sometimes arguably racist) ‘comic relief’ characters.

    Sadly, as long as the franchise is in the hands of people who firmly believe that moviegoers can’t relate to giant robots (and therefor don’t bother trying to give them personalities) I won’t be able to really get excited over these movies.

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