X-Men: Days of Future Past has already created a stellar viral campaign with the Trask Industries website detailing the history of the Sentinels are their creator. The marketing has taken it up another notch with its latest campaign titled The Bent Bullet and the conspiracy surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination.

This video is put together like a trailer for a new documentary surrounding the assassination conspiracy and its ties to Eric Lehnsherr and his mutant persona, Magneto.

So, if Eric was responsible for the assassination, what were his motives behind this action that would change an entire nation? For that information you would need to head over to thebentbullet.com. The site will give you more information surrounding the political climate between mutants and certain anti-mutant groups. Here is a little taste to make you want to go and read more:

Project: WideAwake was a cover CIA task force President Kennedy created after the Cuban Missile Crisis to investigate other X-Gene cases. While its mission was identification and research, it did have paramilitary autonomy. Records state Azazel and Tempest ambushed Project: WideAwake operatives, and died in the firefight that followed.

The entire campaign does feel a little strange since the 50th Anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination was just recognized around America, as the marketing team must have been trying to slip their fake articles amongst the others detailing the days events in 1963.

What do you think of this new Days of Future Past campaign? Like it? Make you feel strange due to the timing? Can’t wait to see the movie? Sound off in the comments below!

via The Bent Bullet


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  1. Pretty clever actually.

    The JFK Assassination has been explored in popular culture on the X-Files and tons of other places. If you look at the ‘Oswald was a patsy theory’ and he was used to blame the Cubans/Kremlin, then it isn’t too much of a leap to ‘Magneto is a patsy’ and smear the Muties as being behind it.

    Kennedy and the race relations of the era also meld nicely with the Xmen/Mutants are a persecuted people. Actually kind of looking forward to Days of Future Past.

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