Seriously, did you see?  The…  And all the…  Plus he came back… and the REFLECTION!!!  Holy Shhhhhnikies!  I’m so farklempt that I can’t even consider my usual fourth-dimensional QOTD madness.  With so much of my processing facilities tied up in excitement about the upcoming anniversary, I’ve decided to fall back on the old chestnut of superhero comics: Could Superman beat up the Hulk?  Could The Thing take down Funky Winkerbean?  Could Galactus defeat Snoopy as The Red Baron?  Whatever the matchup, it’s always fun to wonder what would happen when characters butt heads in the classic “mistaken identity” fighty-fighty that makes up roughly 30% of the stories in the entire Marvel Universe.  This, in turn, begs a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks it’s really the ultimate fanboy question, asking: What “Who’d win in a fight?” battle do you think would be the most fun to watch?


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  1. Thor vs. Wonder Woman. Two mythological figures, both raised and trained as warriors with years of experience going at it. That would be a fight for the ages.


    • For a minute there I thought you were going to say the original Ninja Turtles from the original comics that the old cartoon was based on. Now I kinda want to see both because they would definitely be two very different stories, each equally full of awesome.

  2. Nothing says big spectacle smackdown to me like the Kaiju genre. But rather than a rubber monster, I’d like to see Godzilla fight another staple of Japanese pop culture, the humongous mecha. Godzilla versus an EVA unit! They are approximately the same size, and surely Godzilla possesses the threat level of an Angel, so it won’t be quick…but it will be glorious.

    • I’m honestly surprised we haven’t gotten something like that yet. We’ve had Daffy vs Donald (sort of, a piano duel on “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”), we’ve even had Looney Tunes meet the DC heroes, but no real Bugs and Woody.

  3. Dr. Who and The Doctor vs The Daleks. It would involve lots of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff, alternate timelines, crazy complicated contradictory explanations and Bernard Cribbins in a dual role as Wilfred Mott and Tom Campbell.

    I started out typing this as a joke, but now I’m kinda intrigued by the idea of trying to make the old Dr. Who movies a semi-official alternate timeline to the real Doctor Who series. Wouldn’t be much stranger than the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover.

  4. I’d love to see a fight between all the distaff versions of Superman (or at least the Marvel one’s like Sentry vs Gladiator vs Hyperion). Seriously, if Uncanny Avengers doesn’t take advantage of the fact that both the Sentry (Four Horseman version) and Hyperion are around, it will be such a missed opportunity.

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