When it comes to fiction, I prefer that my characters have flaws and weaknesses, even the proverbial “feet of clay”, if only to avoid the dull late-90s infallible one-step-ahead Batman characterization.  Even though I like the fact that Chuck Taine became Bouncing Boy because of a completely avoidable bone-headed blunder, I prefer that the CREATORS have their $#!+ together, avoiding moments like Stan Lee’s embarrassing Super-Man error or the fact that Donna Troy owes her existence to one of DC’s writers not realizing that the Wonder Girl character was just a time-displaced Wonder Woman!  Still, as Gerald Ford was known to remark, ‘Nobody’s human,’ which does beg a query…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “shah-den-froy-duh”) fondly remembers the first time I read the Marvel No-Prize book back in the 80s, asking:  What’s your favorite mistake* in all of pop-culture history?

*Actual mistakes, not “Letting George Lucas make a prequel trilogy” type stuff, please!


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  1. The creation of Elongated Man, because Julius Schwartz didn’t know DC owned the rights to Plastic Man. Without this error, I wouldn’t have my favorite character.

  2. Han’s reappearing before disappearing again vest for a quick scene before going into the carbonite chamber as well as the one Ewok costume where you could see the actor through the cut out eye holes.

  3. As someone who played a lot of chess at the time, it was hard not to notice that Andy has his chess board set up incorrectly in the Shawshank Redemption.

  4. You called it. It’s gotta be ““And It Won’t Be ME!” in TALES OF SUSPENSE 92 … unless you count the panel in SGT FURY 5 where Kirby drew Fury with three arms

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