If technology didn’t exist at the level we now experience it, many devices we’re used to would seem like magic to us. For example, if someone in the Middle Ages pulled out an iPhone, anyone seeing it wouldn’t have any idea how it works.

Well, in Raphael Moran’s latest comic TechnoMancer, that’s something of the trade’s basic premise. The set-up is a little different, though. The book will hit comics shops this month!


The story is thoughtful and fast-paced.
The art is clear and easily understood.

Some readers may not like the setting in which technology is banned.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆



Writer: Raphael Moran
Artist: Marc Borstel
Publisher: Markosia Enterprises
Cover Price: $17.99

Previously in TECHNOMANCER: In this 128-page trade paperback, the world has gone through a period in which technology nearly destroyed the planet. Some people were chosen to re-boot society in one specific location, and no technology at all is allowed there.


As the book opens, Merrick the Magician and his troupe have come to town, complete with his act, designed to dazzle the locals. When local “lawgivers” think he’s using magic, they go after him, intending to arrest and prosecute him. While escaping Merrick encounters a girl who mysteriously appears in the sky. She employs forces Merrick doesn’t understand to help him escape. The questions now arise: Is she a real witch? Is she using real magic? Where did she come from? The book will do its best to help us find out just what’s happening here.

I’ve long been a fan of Moran’s stories. He always finds a new twist or turn, or even a story I’m sure I’ve never read before at all! That’s quite a challenge in today’s market! Add to that the fact that I’ve read comics for decades, and you can see why his creativity impresses me!

His most recent offering before this was Flee, which told a tale from two very different perspectives, one of an alien attack force come to conquer Earth, and the other from a guy in the burbs who works as a bug exterminator. I didn’t know what to expect, but I sure got a great, fun story! He’s also made Dream Reavers, a very diverse and unique comic series that I still recommend to people who want to read something different.

Marc Borstel delivers sparkling art that matches the story. It has a painted feel, but that doesn’t prevent it from keeping up with Moran’s fast-paced plotting and sharp characterization. The combination works well, and you get lost in the book very easily. I was very surprised when I got to the last page! Now, I can’t wait for issue #2.


If you’d like to find out more about this trade, find and “like” their Facebook page. You might also discover more at the Markosia site, who publishes the book. If your local shop doesn’t have it, go to Amazon.com! You can also buy a digital version at Comixology.com for $3.99. Me, I still want the paper copy!

Check out one of the covers and several of the initial pages below:

techno-mancer-issue-1_Page_1-600x775Raphael Moran, Techno-Mancer, Flee, Marc Borstel, Dream Reavers, MarkosiaRaphael Moran, Techno-Mancer, Flee, Marc Borstel, Dream Reavers, MarkosiaRaphael Moran, Techno-Mancer, Flee, Marc Borstel, Dream Reavers, MarkosiaRaphael Moran, Techno-Mancer, Flee, Marc Borstel, Dream Reavers, MarkosiaRaphael Moran, Techno-Mancer, Flee, Marc Borstel, Dream Reavers, Markosia

Rating: ★★★★★


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