Simon Pegg spent some time at the Marvel offices yesterday, and had to tweet some pics out just to show off that he was there. A trio of pics have surfaced, one of which lends itself to rumors of why Simon was there. Take the jump to figure that out.




Given who he’s worked with before and what projects that man has been attached to, I can see why the pic may seem a bit telling. No official word has been released yet, so it’s all speculation right now. I think it’s a great move if they do it, what do you all think?


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  1. Hank Pym was one of my favorite Avengers when I was a kid, back when he was primarily dressed as Yellowjacket. Pym deserves to be portrayed by someone who can give him some humanity, someone who can make him likeable again. I think Simon Pegg would be an ideal choice to play the character for that reason. I also think Pegg would add a little flavor to the line-up of Avengers 3, which presumably whoever plays Ant Man is also going to be a part of. I’m absolutely confident he would make a great Hank Pym.

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