It’s the 20th anniversary of Sam Keith’s The Maxx and IDW Publishing has announced a remastered release of the full series. Take the jump for a cover and the rest of the details.


The Maxx was initially a 35 issue run between 1993 and 1998 with Sam Keith taking over the full title after issue #16. This version is going to be a monthly remastered version of the original 35 issues with new colors and new original covers by Keith himself. The new reissuing comes out sometime next year.

When asked about what the book being “remastered” means, Keith had this to say.

As far as re-mastered, this just means going back to the original art and scanning it in a higher resolution, catching a lot of line work and brushwork that didn’t show up in the single issues. A lot of detail gets lost in the shrunken-down painted panels I did. Luckily we were able to get almost every single Maxx original page re-scanned.
It will also be recolored by the amazing Ronda Pattison, an award-nominated colorist who worked on “Atomic Robot.” I liked how subtle her pallet was. The original colors by Steve Oliff were terrific, and nothing against Steve, but I often wished we had more time to color it so as to get things exactly like I wanted. The Image coloring was often rushed out over a weekend!
Anything new added? Yeah. Lots of unseen art, a few finished scenes I drew at the time but never included — things that were intended to go into the first Wildstorm Maxx trades, but I was lazy. But I don’t see adding it in sequence with the published version, just afterwards in the books. I hate artists who go back and re-work old, old work. I don’t think Maxx is perfect, but it’s a 35-issue snapshot of who I was at the time. No need to mess with that, outside of some coloring tweaks. We’ll leave it intact, flaws and all.

For the full interview you can head over to CBR.


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