There are a number of movie related stories that are popping up around the Internet, and while they are interesting, I don’t think they warrant their own posts…

World War Z was able to snag second place at the box office this past weekend, which already has people speculating that a sequel will be rushed into theaters faster than the 28 Days Later zombies.

Jim Carrey backs out on all publicity for Kick-Ass 2, stating that he’s had a change of heart over all the violence in the film following the events at Sandy Hook, so don’t expect to see him at the premiere or at press junkets. Mark Millar responded via Twitter, but really, Carrey already shot the movie and received a check, so who cares? There’s no word if Carrey will appear in Dumb and Dumber To…

Even after After Earth, Will Smith is too expensive work on Independence Day 2.  Darn, and I was really looking forward to a witty catch-phrase like, “Welcome back to Earth!”

Someone who was invited to the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took to Twitter to say the movie will be bad-ass.  Hey, Michael Bay! Fly me to L.A. all expenses paid, and cater to my every whim for a week, and I’ll say the movie is bad-ass, too!

The Man of Steel fell to third place this weekend, dropping a whopping 65% from opening weekend.  Though the movie has made nearly $400 million world wide, and through ad placement raised an additional $160 million, I don’t think we’ll see Man of Steel pass the $1 billion mark.

Nothing for nothing, but did anyone actually go to the theater to see Upside Down?  It’s now on early release via iTunes, and I’m sorry for those who had to sit in the theater.

Who wants to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in a zombie movie? Figured as much…

So there you go, a quick wrap of the big movie things H’wood is all a buzz about this morning.


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  1. Point of Order: I’m pretty sure the invaders in the original Independence Day were welcomed to ‘Earf.’

    I know it’s a quibble, but I think the existence of an alternate dimension in which our planet is actually named ‘Earf’ also explains the existence aliens advanced enough to create a fleet of spaceships able to traverse the galaxy and decimate worlds but simple enough to be taken down by a virus programmed on a laptop that weighs 23 pounds.

  2. I think one of the reasons Man of Steel won’t make a billion dollars is because it was released too early. There are just too many other choices out there to see in the first part of summer. If WB waited til the middle of July like they did with The Dark Knight or Harry Potter 7, it would own the top spot for at least two-three weeks.

    • Maybe, but then it would be competing with Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, and The Wolverine. There’s just a lot of promising movies coming out this year.
      Also, the fact that a lot of critics don’t seem to like the movie could certainly be hurting it’s success.

  3. I’d LOVE to see Arnie fight zombies, but I don’t think the project I read about is that. It sounds like a touching young adult story about a girl coming to terms with the (un)death sentence of a zombie bite, which made me wonder why the heck Arnie was in it!

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