More from E3, this time from the Sony panel announcing that Kingdom Hearts 3 does exist and will be on the PS4. Check out the trailer after the jump.


Seeing how the last numbered title was a PS2 exclusive in 2006, this is a long time coming. Of course this is also the tenth installment in the title, but the first one not on handhelds since then. We don’t have much to go with in the video, other than Sora (the main character) can apparently platform across enemies now, so that’s cool. As you saw at the end, no date has even been suggested yet, but earlier today it was revealed that this will be on both PS4 and the Xbox One. Remember, since Kingdom Hearts is a Disney based franchise, we may start to see both Star Wars and Marvel characters within the series very soon.


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  1. Woohoo! Donald Duck Jedi going nuts when Yoda tries to school him, Goofie trying to have a conversation with Wolverine…

  2. And on the Square Enix side there is a more larger stable of characters than just Final Fantasy. They own the IP for Eidos, which has Tomb Raider and Hitman, and they are the original publishers of the manga for Full Metal Alchemist and lots of other anime series.

    And they got the full Lucas property, correct? Willow and Howard the Duck along with Indiana Jones and Star Wars?

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