Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie bring back the Marvel’s fan-favorite comic series, Young Avengers, after the departure of its original creators. This new series introduces characters like Loki, Miss America, and Marvel Boy, and features old favorites from the original comic, such as Wiccan, Hulkling, and Hawkeye. The old team is still reeling over the death of fellow teammate, Cassie Lang, and some members have a hard time adjusting to a normal life. However, that all changes when Wiccan brings Hulkling’s adoptive mother back from the dead.

Young Avengers 5 coverYOUNG AVENGERS #5
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Jamie McKelvie with Mike Norton
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles
Colorist: Matthew Wilson
Editor: Axel Alonso
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Cover Price: $3.99

Previously in Young Avengers: Billy Kaplan a.k.a. Wiccan has let loose a inter-dimensional parasite posing as Hulking;s adoptive mother into the world. This parasite is not only turning humans against the Young Avengers, but resurrecting some of their dead parents. After a timely save by Marvel Boy and Hawkeye (no, not that Hawkeye, the female teenage Hawkeye), Billy, Loki, Hulking, and Miss America escape to Central Park. As the hordes of infected humans descend upon them, Loki convinces Billy to give his power to the Norse god. Once empowered by Wiccan’s magic, Loki disappears. The remaining heroes are left to defend themselves against an army of infected humans.


Kieron Gillen concludes his first arc with Young Avengers #5. All characters get their own spotlight in this issue, but the main focus is Wiccan and Loki. As his friends fight for their lives, Wiccan contemplates ending the chaos from his spell by killing himself. Although Wiccan is already a well-established character in the Marvel universe, this story adds another layer to his deep persona. The ending for Wiccan and his follow Young Avengers is very bleak, but fits into the theme of taking responsibility for one’s mistakes. Billy Kaplan has come a long way from his recruitment by Iron Lad. Meanwhile, Loki’s conscience gets the better of him as he attempts to use Wiccan’s powers for his own gain. There is a big reveal regarding young Loki that many fans of Journey to Mystery may not like. However, I think the character is better because of this change. New characters like Loki rarely need an introduction with Kieron Gillen’s writing. Even if you did not follow Loki, Miss America, or Marvel Boy from other Marvel comics, Young Avengers gives you enough to understand their motivations. I noticed all of the Young Avengers, with the exception of Wiccan, have at least one dead parent. I do not know if this is coincidence, intentional, or a prerequisite for being a hero. Like the previous issues, Kieron Gillan understands the today’s youth very well. It is shown through great dialogue between the young heroes.


Jamie McKelvie and Mike Norton continue to take chances with their artwork in Young Avengers. I love the panels and two page spreads. They are not limited to boxes when displaying action and fight sequences. The redesign of Wiccan’s costume is also visually stunning. It reflects his maturity as a character and the progression of his powers. Every scene is carefully designed and flawlessly drawn.


Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie have built a great foundation to Young Avengers. I really enjoyed reading the first five issues of this series so far. After seeing previews for the next issue, it looks like there will be two more heroes joining the Young Avengers. After this first arc, I look forward to more adventures for this ongoing series.

Rating: ★★★★★

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