When I was younger, I was always a little bit worried about Batman, leaping and bounding across the rooftops of Gotham City in what seemed to be smooth-soled Monkee boots.  As comic audiences and I aged, Batman eventually graduated to a thicker-soled combat-style boot, while Superman still rocked the Stride-Rite knee socks with the stylish divot-hem.  (The loss of that design element is one of the myriad of problems with Supey’s new nanite battle-armor look, by the way.)  Poor Wonder Woman only recently gave up heels (depending on the artist) but The Thorn has been wearing thigh-high stiletto streetwalker boots since 1972, while Black Canary was forced for YEARS to do martial arts flips and judo throws in corsair boots with a Cuban heel.  It seems that only the Flash, with his specially ridged yellow boots, really considered the practicality and workability of his footwear, and even that has been diminished by a bunch of strange seams in the latest designs.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would enjoy some nice Chuck Taylors, if they made the things in a 14 Wide, asking: Which superhero has the most awesome footgear?


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  1. Didn’t say comic superhero, so I’ll throw this one out there: Bayonetta, from the video game of the same name. She wears stilettos that have guns as heels.

  2. Oldcomicfan on

    Aw, I was going to go with the Hulk…. so what’s next after “most awesome footwear”? The most Colorful Codpiece?

  3. I was always partial to Thunderstrike’s boots. For a character drawn in the 90s, they looked pretty utilitarian, without going over the top by being covered in pouches.

  4. Wayne Gretzky’s shoes that became in-line skates on “ProStars” (the cartoon where he, Michael Jordan and Bo Jackson were sorta like superheroes).

  5. Only one man has It Right ultimate Nick Fury first time he show’s up
    “Gucci with flight upgrade as Armani on a mission is bad luck”
    Back when he was the superspy not superspy-master

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