I’ve always been a fan of when heroes from different universes meet (or clash, as the case may be). For instance, I would love to see a new Marvel/DC crossover take place. Justice League of America/Avengers is still one of my all-time favorite books!

Recently, DC Comics attained the rights to Masters of the Universe (with He-Man, of course), and they have been publishing comics featuring that “new” place.

So, when a company gets a new property, what’s the best way to promote it? Why, by having your most popular characters interact with it, of course!

As reported at dccomics.com, a six-issue miniseries will bring this heroic confrontation to local comics shops courtesy of writer Keith Giffen and artist Dexter Soy.

Here’s the description: “After narrowly  escaping his last battle with He-Man, Skeletor has fled to the most unexpected realm to recover: EARTH! Once there, he sets a plan in motion to siphon off Earth’s core magic. Forging an unlikely hunting party, He-Man and company go in search of Skeletor. Finding themselves at odds with the heroes of the DC Universe, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe must find a way to stop Skeletor and his mysterious new master! And how will the Masters of the Universe respond to finding themselves within the DC Universe?”

Giffen is one of the best space/alternate universe writers in DC’s stable of creators, so it makes sense for him to script this event. He’s scripting Threshold and is continuing to write Larfleeze when he gets his own title soon. He’s good at making magic believable, too.

I expect that Soy’s art will be a good match for bringing all these characters into one comic, so I’m looking forward to that as well!

Of course, the imagination starts to percolate when thinking about just who will be facing who. Superman against He-Man? Batman versus Man-At-Arms? Teela fighting Wonder Woman? Zodac colliding with Green Lantern?

Then too, I expect many DCU villains will find Skeletor and his group of baddies providing more muscle so they can take on Superman and his gang, so the mix will be interesting. Just don’t have Lex Luthor be ordering Skeletor around. Someone with more mystical might makes a whole lot more sense to me. I know that the Masters of the Universe folks are not likely to measure up to many DCU nasties when it comes to mental prowess, but Lex has been the lead villain in way too many “Legions of Doom” over the years. Give someone else the chance to be in charge for once.

One of the things I’ve been grateful that the DC comics have been avoiding is that nasty ‘80s tendency to have He-Man pontificating at the end of each episode/issue. Often, the message would be, “Now, kids, just because I’ve been up the bad guys during this show , that doesn’t mean you should use violence to solve your problems! Nobody really gets hurt in a cartoon, so be sure you talk things out instead of punching someone.”

Sage advice, but after nearly every episode? I couldn’t take it any longer, so I gave up when She-Ra graced the airwaves. (Shouldn’t she be called She-Woman anyway?)

Still, I think this will be a lot of fun and provide some sequences I’ve never seen before, so I’m looking forward to it!

DC Universe vs. the Masters of the Universe #1 lands in comics shops on Wednesday, August 28.


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  1. I wonder if there will be complications of the use of magic by those from Eternia inside the DCU since it has been shown in past crossovers that magic works differently there. Or possibly vice-versa if some DCU characters end up visiting Eternia in the course of trying to stop Skeletor.

  2. chalkywhite on

    These comics are DREADFUL – badly written, lacking context and consequence, not even well-drawn and full of the most basic glaring errors.

    One might have thought that even DC could do a bit better than this – but the last two series have been abysmal – and a crossover is certainly not going to help. I can’t see this MOTU-lite for the retarded lasting out the year.

    Thank the Ancients for that, anyway!

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