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  1. I’m going to be a blasphemer (sorry Alex Ross) and say Kyle Rayner. He was the first Green Lantern whose stories I regularly enjoyed. As a writer, I loved to see all the creative ways his artistic mind could use his ring. Plus I liked the idea of a scrappy young kid coming into his own and trying to fill some very big shoes. I always liked how Grant Morrison described him as just a regular guy playing with the Beatles during his JLA run.

    • My favorite Kyle stories were when he set out to start a new Corps with the ring he got from a younger time-lost Hal Jordan and he failed terribly (first ring he gave out was to a tyrannical warlord) and the Annual during the “Pulp Heroes” event where he got stuck inside a sword-and-sorcery world inside of a painting.

  2. I was first introduced to Green Lantern through the Justice League cartoon, so John Stewart was always the image that came to mind when someone said “Green Lantern”. He’s not my favorite lantern, though, as that spot belongs to Kilowog.

  3. Hal Jordon, with John Stewart a close second. In comics, it has to be Hal for me, but I do love John on the Justice League cartoons. I can’t stand Guy Gardner. He’s just too much of a jerk for me, plus he had that awful bowl cut for years :P

  4. I stopped reading after Hal got brought back. Death needs to have meaning for those stories to have weight. Kyle for GL!

  5. Guy Gardner
    Kyle Rayner
    Simon Baz
    John Stewart
    Alan Scott
    Hal Jordan

    Guy’s personality is so different from most super heroes that he stands out quite a bit more to me than any of the others. Of the rest though, Hal is the only one that doesn’t catch my interest as a character.

  6. Kyle for me by far. I absolutely love the level of creativity he shows with his constructs. Their may be some bias here, but I love that Kyle’s niche is that he’s the superhero artist. The creative potential of the ring is the main reason I love Green Lanterns so much, and Kyle embodies that aspect more than all of the others combined.

    Furthermore, I love his personality. Out of all the Earth Lanterns Kyle is easily the most laid back, has the best sense of humor, and is the easiest to relate to. Kyle Rayner is more than my favorite Lantern, he’s my favorite superhero period.

  7. Guy Gardner, then again I just love the 2 parodies books, the one where he and the JLI get a chance to ressurect Ice but Fire fails the challenge of not looking back at her…

    Also he mooned the Batman, you gotta give him props for that :)

    If we have to pick a more “standard” GL then Kyle, it either him or the biggest tool to ever have a power ring: Hal Jordan, so I pick Kyle. I can read his stories without wanting to slap him…

  8. John Stewart, Hes really the only one I know from the cartoons. Everyone else I only know because of quick things in movies but they had no growth as characters. The new guy I know nothing about him out side what he looks like.

  9. Guy Gardner, he seems to have the most unique personality out of all of them. Plus I was really introduced to him with JLI (real one). John Stewart close second, re:JLU.

  10. Where is the option for G’nort, Ch’p and Kilowog? Are you speciesist or something?!?!

    Of the given choices, I’m actually a bit torn between Alan Scott, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner. They were all each unique interpretations of the character concept, with Scott being the true first GL (in comics, not in the continuity of the DCU), Hal being the first known Earth GL associated with the Corps (again, in comics and not the in continuity timeline) and Kyle being the ONLY GL in existence for a while and the one who brought the Corps back from the dead.

    But my one true GL? Kilowog.

  11. As someone who got into comics a relatively short while ago and has had all of these lanterns served up to me at about the same time, my favorite is Kyle Rayner. This doesn’t automatically make him the “one true GL” of course, but for now he has my vote.

  12. comicfan1974 on

    I guess it does go to show that one’s loyalty is indeed born upon first contact. My association (and love) of Hal Jordan started with Challenge of the Super Friends. Conversely, I have never understood the obsession with characters like Kyle Rayner and Tim Drake (but then I didn’t come of age with comics in the 90s).

  13. Kyle was my man.
    Hal was boring. Give him a DUI, oooooooo, now he is interesting. Make him a big swinging dick, 00000000000000000, now he is interesting. Not.
    Kyle was an artist, and more than any GL up to that point, he used his art in his constructs.
    Traveling in a plane with hot stewardesses? NICE!
    John Stewart during Mosaic would be #2 and Guy gardner in the 80’s a number three.

  14. Justin Wawrzonek on

    Definitely Hal Jordan. I always enjoy his slightly less that serious attitude towards everything. My second would definitely be Guy Gardner.

  15. I like ’em all… But Hal is my favorite… Even though I started to get serious into comics around the time Kyle took over… I discovered the character through Emerald Dawn II, and went back issue crazy from there!!

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