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  1. I’m still not sold on Henry Cavill. Tom Welling and Brandon Rath just look more like Superman to me. He looks too much like a male model.

  2. Honestly, it’s Superman. I just want to see him punch stuff and fly around and have cool adventures. This trailer is too calculated, too emo for me. The part where he flew and punched & punched & punched someone at the end was awesome! More of that, less “I’m Batman” and I’m in.

  3. The trailer looks like Jor-el sent Kal-el to Earth to escape a civil war on Krypton. Zod then wins the war and comes looking for Kal-el.

  4. Hell, I’d go to this one just for the special effects. “You will believe a man can fly.” I remember that ad for the Christopher Reeve Superman when I first saw it in a theater in Manhattan. I was a teenager up there for a trip and we went to one of the huge cinemas downtown with the biggest screen I had seen until IMAX came out. I don’t like that they did the “emo kid wandering the world searching for his place” bit a’la Bruce Wayne before the joined the League of Assassins. But Crowe’s narration is a DAMN sight better than Marlon Brando’s.

  5. I like the muted color palette. Makes it feel more “real” than “fantasy.” Also like what little we see of Amy Adams.

  6. Great trailer. Seems more like Dawn of the Dead Snyder, which is a very good thing in my books.

    Really turned me from ambivalent to excited about this movie.

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