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  1. Barry Allen will always be my one true Flash; I started reading DC ongoing series during Blackest Night, and there was one scene that stuck out to me as incredibly awesome:

    Mera and the Atom were discussing what to do since Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were out of the picture at the time, and Barry Allen was running around delivering the message of the crisis to everyone. They made a comment that this meant they had to be Wonder Woman and Superman in the meantime, and then Mera asked what that made Barry. The Atom’s response: “He’s the Flash.”

    It probably loses some of the gravitas out of context, but that moment will stick in my head forever as the definitive Barry Allen moment to me.

  2. Wally, he held it for years, yet, the higher ups and DC felt like Barry had to do his comeback. I don’t even mind that Wally took a break after Infinite Crisis and Bart took the mantle, but making Barry come back, and not even acknowleding Wally is just sad, especially with the numerous broken promises that the higher ups have made regarding Wally.

    But yeah, I voted Wally, he’s my Flash.

  3. If I had to choose one it would be Jay Garrick becourse he was the first, and becourse hes the Flash in Kingdom Come.
    But I think they all have earned the right to be called Flash.

  4. I’m going to have to go with Wally West, due to his excellent depictions in the Justice League TV series. He’s funny, witty, and sarcastic. He’s the Flash I that I knew growing up.

    Other than that, I can’t say too much. I didn’t know about the Flash for the longest time, and even then I haven’t kept a close eye on him.

  5. This boils down to “Which Flash did you grow up with?”. I read Barry Allen off and on for years and picked up the last few issues of his series.

  6. Obivously Bart Allen, Why? He has the superior picture of course!

    In all seriousness I would have to say Wally West, he is Spiderman and Barry Allen is Uncle Ben, at least that’s how I see it.

    Garrick has the “where the Hell does he keep his hat thingy?!” going on and Bart’s on-going where he aged 10 years just killed the character for me, loved him before that in Teen Titans thou…

  7. Wally West. When I got back in to comics in the late 90’s, and was reading The Flash monthly, Wally was Flash. I heard about Barry, and subsequently read his death in Crisis, but Wally is MY Flash.
    I also really liked Bart as Impulse, in his own book, but not so much as Flash.
    Plus I’m LOVING Francis Manapul’s work on the new Flash book. His art is just awesome.

  8. I went with Wally as he was The Flash when I got into comics. What really sold him for me was Mark Waid and then later Geoff Johns great runs on his book that did a great job with his supporting cast, which included both Jay Garrick and Bart Allen.

  9. Space Cadet Juan on

    As a little tyke I read Marvel, not DC, so my entre into the DCU was Crisis on Infinite Earths. So all through my years reading DC Comics Flash was Wally West and Barry Allen was some noble hero who sacrificed himself to save the universe. I never understood bringing back Allen because Wally was a great character, worthy of the mantle, and also because to me the WHOLE POINT of Allen’s existence was his sacrifice, since I wasn’t reading when he was actually around.

  10. There is no one true Flash. The Flash isn’t The Flash without the legacy factor. At least among the big three (Jay, Barry, Wally) they’re all dimished greatly by the removal of the others. And for their era’s they were each the “one true Flash”.

    Jay would be my favorite Flash, though, if that were the question.

  11. Wallace Rudolph West is my personal pick. When I began my comics adventure, Barry was a speedster, but to a young boy, he was uninteresting and very plastic.
    Wally reached out to me and showed what a hero could be. In his first issue, he was more interested in transporting a heart cross-country in a snow storm than fighting bad guys. He was young, trying to figure it out, and not overpowered and almighty.
    Time and the speed force changed his abilities, but his character grew. Now that Barry is back, I still find myself wanting wally back.

  12. I voted Jay Garrick. I grew up with seeing the Flash on both the live-action and TV Show. And as big of fan as i am of Wally West, the Flash himself started to lose its luster. I’d just seen the Flash so much since childhood that he wasn’t as big a deal to me as other heroes.

    Then I saw Jay Garrick’s costume – with the sleek combo of classic mythology and semi-casual clothes. I was blown away. Plus I love the idea of a hero whose been doing his thing well into retirement – it’s something I desperately miss in “Earth-2”.

  13. Bill the Ckir on

    This is one where I am an exception to the “My first is my favorite” because I’m old enough that Barry was the only Flash when I started reading comics.I always found Barry Allen to be a fairly generic, fairly bland character. But I got to know Wally West as Kid Flash in Perez and Wolfman’s “New Teen Titans”. He seemed to have more depth and character. Plus I really love the way he was portrayed in the Justice League/JLU Cartoon was fun a. I think he added a needed element of comedy relief to the show without making his character a total buffoon.

    Make Mine Wally.

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