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Not to be confused with Marvel’s classic What If? series, this time around the I.F. stands for Imaginary Friend and that is the focus of this heartfelt tale. This poignant story follows a unique creature that exists in our imagination … or perhaps we simply exist in his. Written by D.J. Strong with art by Jeramy Hobbs, What I.F. is a “one in done” one-shot that weaves an emotional narrative through a letter written by Penelope Xylophone’s imaginary friend Jackson Leviathan.  In this correspondence, he reflects on their time together and comes to terms with the fact that the time has come to move on.

What I.F. is a black and white (with grey tones) 22 page single issue comic book with a $3.50 cover price and is rated E “appropriate for readers of all ages”. Cosmic Times will be releasing this comic along with other new books for 2013 on March 15th at MegaCon in Orlando Florida. Retailers interested in supporting independent comics are encouraged to contact Cosmic Times publisher Martin T. Pierro ( about ordering copies of What I.F. for their stores as well as other titles from Cosmic Times.

Cosmic Times has become a driving force in the Florida comic scene releasing several successful titles over the years including Arthur: The Legend Continues, Souled, From Blood, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew and the critical hit Decisions. Publisher Martin T. Pierro is committed to the continued growth of Cosmic Times in 2013 and beyond.

What IF Issue 1 Cover

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