For the holiday season, I finally broke down and bought The Boy the Skylanders and Skylanders: Giants games that he had been begging for for the last year.  We finally defeated Kaos this past weekend, and found the last two Giants figures he’s been wanting.  Now I understand that there is a new Giants figure hitting stores soon, that The Boy already knows about, and a new Skylanders: Swap Force on the way with even more figures… which brings us to this week’s pressing poll.


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  1. Voted no, but mainly because neither of my kids (5 and 2) have been exposed to it too much to get interested. I’m betting if the older boy was exposed to it we’d probably be laying down some cash for everything.

    Me personally? I have no idea what it is or what it’s about.

  2. Kevin Kortekaas on

    It seems interesting and I can see the appeal, BUT I’d much rather spend that time playing board games with him. (He plays a mean game of Carcasonne!)

    • Oddly enough, it is mostly the girls of my friend’s kids that seem the most interested in it. The boys seem to like the “monsters”, but they don’t seem as interested in the game itself.

    • You don’t NEED to have every figure, though. Sure, there are specific non-essential parts of the game accessible by specific elemental types, and there are special moves unlockable for every figure, but my friend’s daughter has had a blast with simply the three Skylanders that come with the game and one extra figure that I have given her because someone got me two of the same figure (variants, so they didn’t know it was the same).

      • Oh, I don’t NEED any of it. My 9 year old son on the other hand…

        Plus I have a love of miniatures and statues, and the figures fit into both those categories.

        • I will admit it is tempting to collect them. As is, I kinda want to have all the dragons even though it might be more tactically sound to have a better variety across the figures. Not to mention they spruce up my computer area (which is usually dominated by Star Wars and an occasional superhero figure) and could easily be used for other things (like during tabletop RPGs if I need an extra physical representation of something).

  3. I really don’t know anything about this. What’s the big deal with them? They’ll probably be gone in a few years like all toys/collectibles.

  4. Just wait until Disney pairs the Infinity hard ware with the Marvel and Star Wars properties. Then all will be consumed by small action figures to use in games. Muhahahaha

  5. As I previously mentioned on the forums, I got the first game for Christmas. However, rather than planning to collect every figure, I only plan to collect a couple of each elemental type (i’m only currently missing a fire element Skylander) and a couple specific figures that have caught my interest.

  6. Oh yes, I’ve paid dearly buying into the Skylander’s experience. All three boys and even my little girl love playing with them. This Christmas, it was Skylanders, Minecraft and some of the play-set pirate ships and castles to go with the Skylanders.

    Why the pirate ships and castles? Because at least 75% of the time, the kids don’t play the video game. It is easier for them to bust out all forty or so Skylanders and stage giant battles for real. On a snow day last week, the wife told me they’d spent the day setting up a Skylander’s tournament and holding mock battles all day. March Madness-two months early.

    Disney Infinity will break me. I may have to come sleep in the doorstoop at Major Spoilers manner. Leave the lights on.

  7. It is extremely enjoyable to play with my son or daughter. Great mix of combat (hand-eye development), puzzle solving (thought provoking), and a test of patience (cooperation/fair play).

    The base game, complete with a giant figure, and five other singles will allow you to experience the entire game from start to finish. 8 figures in total. All you need is one figure representing each of the eight factions to experince the entire game. Because Skylander Spyros Adventure figures (green bases) are compatible with the newer Skylanders Giants (orange bases) game you can get away with purchasing the extra five singles as green bases which are a half the cost. These “first series” green bases are still in abundance from the different major retail stores I have visited.

    The game will still allow you to proceed through the levels if you are missing one or two factions. All this results in is that you will miss out on a few special areas that will reward you with a few toys and gadgets.

    Essentially you can get away with spending very little to complete the game. It all depends on what you want to achieve from the game.

    There are many puzzles, order of sequence tribulations, and memory test games within the game itself that breaks up the edless barage of quirky monsters crossing your path. It’s cute cartoon violence with no gore.

    The figures duarable and quality built. I love that they are compatible with other systems. I love that my son can take his favorite (green base) figure from our Wii system, walk down the street to his freinds house whom has an Xbox, place his figure on that portal with his freinds Giant (orange base), and all his character achievements are uploaded and present. It keeps the kids in the same room instead of linked up via the internet in seperate dark rooms miles away.

    I have nothing but good things to say about the game. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day inside.

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