Toys have been a staple of what Star Wars is, and how George Lucas made his millions, since Star Wars released in 1977. Well, over 30 years later and toys are still a central part to Star Wars fans and Hasbro is continuing to produce products with their new 6-inch Black Series of figures.

Set to start releasing in 2013 Hasbro is ready to launch their first wave of 6-inch figures with four different characters: X-Wing suited Luke Skywalker, Darth Maul, R2-D2, and an Imperial Sandtrooper. Hasbro has said that they plan this Black Series line to mainly feature characters from the original trilogy, but will dip into the prequels for a few characters. Hasbro is focusing on greater points of articulation while not losing any detail with this line of figures.

If you are a collector of the current 3-3/4 inch figure line don’t worry, Hasbro will continue to create figures of that scale under the Black Series banner as well.

Luke 6inch-1

Luke 6inch-2

A price tag of a reasonable $19.99 for such a great looking figure is a deal that can’t be past up. I can tell you that I’m already planning on purchasing three out of the four announced figures.

via USA Today


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  1. When in the world did $20 get to be an acceptable price for 6-inch action figures?! In my day, you could buy a beautifully sculpted Marvel Legends figure for around $7…and my day was only about 10 years ago.

    • 5 Years ago you could. Then Hasbro got the license and jacked them up to $10, though Mattel’s DCUC were still in the $7-8 range. Unfortunately, the price of figures as skyrocketed in the last half a decade. a 3.75″ figure now goes for around $10.

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