It has been another week full of Marvel teasers as the company is readying readers for the coming Age of Ultron. For the teaser we see Iron Man set for combat in armor a few Marks old.

Iron Man-Age of Ultron

Full disclosure, I’m no expert on the history of Iron Man armor but after a few minutes on Google and Wikipedia it would seem that this is either the Mark III or Mark IV armor.  Could Tony be taking his designs back a few years, or is this just some advertising scheme? Let your thoughts be known in the comments below about the armor and the coming Age of Ultron.

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  1. Ah, but if you consider that in the Marvel sliding time universe, Tony Stark is probably in his late 30s to mid-40s, the Mark II suit would probably be dated to the early 1990s – a futurist like Tony Stark would have made all versions of his armor after Mark I (the tin can version) network connected if he built them in 1990.

  2. I agree with The Gaf, There’s a huge leap of faith required to assume that everything after Mark I would have network connectivity.

  3. Well, lets just turn to that somewhat inconsistent and dubious source wikipedia:

    Iron Man Armor MK V

    “Although he has since developed more advanced armors, Stark has returned to this armor when situations have forced him to discard his latest armors due to serious damage and he lacks the time, resources or inclination to create a replacement immediately. Examples of this include when he was forced to destroy his sentient armor and feared designing a more advanced suit in case he repeated the accident that gave his previous armor sentience,[3] when his Extremis abilities were deactivated and he was investigating strange disappearances,[4] and when Norman Osborn led the Dark Avengers in an invasion of Asgard when Stark was trying to update himself following his mental “reboot” and the loss of Extremis in the “Stark Disassembled” storyline.[5]”'s_armor#Iron_Man_Armor_MK_I_.28Grey.29

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