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Alex Toth’s definitive version of Zorro, is now available in a hardcover archival reprint from Hermes Press.

Comic legend Alex Toth’s Complete Dell Adventures of Zorro, is finally available in a full color archival reprint. Toth, who defined how action/adventure stories are told, set the standard for comic books with his Zorro tales. Cited by comic book artists, historians, and fans, as some of Toth’s best work, these stories have been painstakingly reconstructed to look better than the original Dell comic books in this deluxe reprint which boasts many extras including a detailed essay on Toth’s career.

Toth, who never had an extended run on any one feature, relied on the quality of his work rather than on the popularity of the comic characters he was working on for his place of distinction in the world of pop culture. Indeed, the stories contained in Hermes Press’ new complete Zorro reprint provide one of the longest “runs” of his work on any one character. Toth’s work on Zorro is infectiously fun, beautifully paced, handsomely composed, and represents quintessential examples of action adventure comic books storytelling. Available now!


Alex Toth’s Complete Zorro Reprint, Alex Toth’s Zorro, the Complete Dell Adventures 240 page all color hard cover, ISBN No.: 9781613450314, $49.99, Available everywhere and on, contains Four Color comics, 882, 920, 933, 960, 976, 1003 and Zorro #12.

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