Image Comics released sneak peeks of America’s Got Powers, Carbon Grey, Comback, Happy!, Haunt, MacGyver, Nowhere Men, Saga, Super Dinosaur, Supreme, and more, that you can check out after the jump.

America’s Got Powers #4 (of 6)
As the televised games continue and Tommy tries to tap into his enormous power, the government begins shutting things down. Their plan to use the kids as human batteries is close to realization. Will the renegade teens known as The Rejected stop it, or only make matters far, far worse?

americasgot04_cover americasgot04_p1 americasgot04_p2 americasgot04_p3 americasgot04_p4 americasgot04_p5 americasgot04_p6

Carbon Grey Vol. 2 #2
In Kernow Lady Fermoy works to unravel the riddle of the Kaiser’s letter, while Waldstatten receives a delegation from Her Majesty’s homeland. Far away in a desolate outpost on the edge of the Empire Mathilde and her team make a horrific discovery. Is the stone’s power more than a myth?

carbongreyv2-02_cova carbongreyv2-02_covb carbongreyv2-02_p1 carbongreyv2-02_p2 carbongreyv2-02_p3 carbongreyv2-02_p4 carbongreyv2-02_p5 carbongreyv2-02_p6

Comeback #2 (of 5)
An FBI raid throws RECONNECT, an illegal time travel agency, into a panic. Trapped in the past, RECONNECT agent Mark Thomas has lost the woman whose life he was sent to save. He must find her and throw the FBI off his trail or lose his only method of getting back home.

comeback02_cover comeback02_p1 comeback02_p2 comeback02_p3 comeback02_p4 comeback02_p5 comeback02_p6

Happy! #3 (of 4)
With a day left until Christmas, and time running out for Santa’s innocent victims, Happy the Horse learns what turned Nick Sax from golden cop to broken-down hitman. But can he convince Nick to do the right thing or is it Happy’s turn to face some uncomfortable home truths?

happy03_covera happy03_coverb happy03_p1 happy03_p2 happy03_p3 happy03_p4 happy03_p5 happy03_p6

Haunt #28
How well does Still Harvey Tubman know the Kilgore brothers? What secret past does he share with Kurt? And what does this have to do with Daniel’s life with the Agency? All this – and the return of Purgatory! This monster lives!

haunt28_cover haunt28_p1 haunt28_p2 haunt28_p3 haunt28_p4 haunt28_p5 haunt28_p6

MacGYVER: Fugitive Gauntlet #3 (of 5)
En route to Moscow, MacGyver and Kari find themselves on a plane journey to certain death when an old nemesis of Mac’s returns to claim his bounty – and things go from bad to worse! Catch up with the series everyone’s talking about, co-written by MACGYVER creator LEE DAVID ZLOTOFF!

macgyver03_cover macgyver03_p1 macgyver03_p2 macgyver03_p3 macgyver03_p4 macgyver03_p5 macgyver03_p6

Multiple Warheads: Alphabet To Infinity #3 (of 4)
Sexica runs into some old Organ hounds from the Red city that have discovered a magic secret about the city built into the Whaling wall.

multwarheads03_cover multwarheads03_p1 multwarheads03_p2 multwarheads03_p3 multwarheads03_p4 multwarheads03_p5 multwarheads03_p6

Nowhere Men #2
There are fates worse than death.

nowheremen02_cover nowheremen02_p1 nowheremen02_p2 nowheremen02_p3 nowheremen02_p4 nowheremen02_p5 nowheremen02_p6

Saga #8
Former soldier and new mom Alana has already survived lethal assassins, rampaging armies and alien monstrosities, but now she faces her greatest challenge yet: the in-laws.

saga08_cover saga08_p1 saga08_p2 saga08_p3 saga08_p4 saga08_p5 saga08_p6

Super Dinosaur #16
Why are Super Dinosaur and Derek Dynamo on the moon? Why not?! There’s a dark secret deep below the surface that could spell doom for our heroes… what is “Inner-Moon?”

superdino16_cover superdino16_p1 superdino16_p2 superdino16_p3 superdino16_p4 superdino16_p5 superdino16_p6

Supreme #67
From the pages of INVINCIBLE comes the most requested Supreme opponent of all time. Enter: Omni-Man! Supreme is out of control! Suprema is at death’s door and Ethan Crane is in a bad way. Can even Omni-Man hope to save the day?

supreme67_cover supreme67_p1 supreme67_p2 supreme67_p3 supreme67_p4 supreme67_p5 supreme67_p6

Thief of Thieves #11
The lines are drawn between the cartel and Augustus’ group in the race to save Emma. The only problem is that things could get a little grisly before either party is ready to strike.

thiefofthieves11_cover thiefofthieves11_p1 thiefofthieves11_p2 thiefofthieves11_p3 thiefofthieves11_p4 thiefofthieves11_p5 thiefofthieves11_p6

Where Is Jake Ellis? #2
Jon must use all of his ingenuity to escape Bangkok and the ruthless hunter pursuing him – but can Jon make it on his own?

whereisjake02_cover whereisjake02_p1 whereisjake02_p2 whereisjake02_p3 whereisjake02_p4 whereisjake02_p5 whereisjake02_p6

Witch Doctor: Mal Practice #2 (of 6)
Doc Morrow doesn’t remember what happened to him last night – and what he doesn’t know might kill him! With the clock ticking, Morrow consults with some very unorthodox specialists. But will the cure prove worse than the disease? “Charmingly demented… I can’t wait for future volumes.” – Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing

witchdocmal02_cover witchdocmal02_p1 witchdocmal02_p2 witchdocmal02_p3 witchdocmal02_p4 witchdocmal02_p5 witchdocmal02_p6

Witchblade #162
Sara Pezzini finally relents to Cain Jorgenson’s advances and agrees to a date at a baseball game in this date night issue of WITCHBLADE! But as usual, the Witchblade’s tendency to attract weirdness like a magnet will draw out Chicago’s supernatural corruption… even at Wrigley Field.

witchblade162_cova witchblade162_covb witchblade162_p1 witchblade162_p2 witchblade162_p3 witchblade162_p4 witchblade162_p5 witchblade162_p6

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