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  1. I don’t know how this works in the US of A, but here in Canada (in Quebec…), I tried going to a few 3D movies and bring the glasses I had kept, and they bluntly refused to let me use them and basically gave me a new pair of identical glasses. Yep. I argued a bit, but it seems I had no chance, so I put my “used” glasses in the recycle bin next to the guy and took the new ones…

  2. I keep them. I have the special Harry Potter and Avengers (Hulk) 3D glasses, as well as 5 or 6 other pairs, picked up over the years. I’m always the friend to bring a few pairs to the cinema, knowing my mates have a tendency to come without.

  3. I don’t go to a lot of 3D movies, but I just recycle them.

    My girlfriend on the other hand drops them in her purse and sometimes forgets to recycle them. After “The Hobbit” this weekend, she accidentally tossed her sunglasses into the recycling container when she reached into her purse for her 3D glasses.

  4. I generally return the glasses, since every 3-D movie appears to need a different type of glasses (blue and red lenses for Coraline, clear lenses for Avatar, gray lenses for Prometius, etc.) but if I am given a choice I will usually go for the 2D version of the movie. The reasons for this are that, except for Avatar where the 3D was an essential part of the experience, the 3D effects are usually just tacked on and don’t really add that much to the movie, and also because my eyes focus at different lengths, so most 3D doesn’t work for me. I think I’ve got a Batman in Black and White 3-D comic around somewhere thought which was really neat.

  5. 3-D gives me a headache after an hour or so and they charge an extra 5-10 dollars for something that is typically detrimental to the quality of the overall visuals. No thanks. There is one exception to this rule: Jackass 3D

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