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Tales of the Forgotten is the second anthology to be released from the ever-expanding Unseen Shadows universe. The comic collects four standalone stories featuring characters taken from the pages of the bestselling novel Fallen Heroes and the audio drama Empire of Blood.

Featuring new stories following Ben ‘The Hand’ Ashodi; master thief with a motor mouth, Kathryn Monroe; investigator and genius analyst, then finally Bob Kelsey…dragged into the world of the occult, this cowardly journalist has let himself in for much more than he bargained for.

The creative team behind the anthology are some of today’s brightest and best indie comic creators and include Richmond Clements, Cy Dethan, Valia Kapadai Corey Brotherson, Nic Wilkinson, Alex Moore, Cormac Hughes, Vicky Stonebridge, Jorge Oliveria and Paul Mclaren.

The anthology was launched at Thought Bubble Festival 2012 and is now available on Comicsy, Big Cartel and Amazon.

Buy Tales of the Forgotten today and receive a digital copy of Fallen Heroes for free!
From now until the end of December as part of a special deal for Christmas anyone buying a copy of Tales of the Forgotten from the Unseen Shadows shop on Comicsy will receive a free digital copy of the Fallen Heroes novel.

About Unseen Shadows
Unseen Shadows Ltd is dedicated to expanding the world and characters created in Fallen Heroes through various transmedia elements. Currently in development are several more comic titles, a five part audio drama, a comic adaption of the Fallen Heroes novel, a live action web series and more.

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