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From Action Lab, the studio that brought you “Princeless” comes the comic the shares absolutely none of the things you liked about “Princeless”, “Double Jumpers”!

Proving again their determination not to be pinned down to any one niche in the comics industry, Action Lab Comics has chosen their second book to be featured on Comixology and it’s what some critics have called the anti-Princeless.  From Action Lab’s own renegade writer Dave Dwonch and rogue illustrator William “Bill” Blankenship comes the M rated comic that’s anything but mature.

“Double Jumpers” invites you to follow a group of video game programmers who, on the eve of their new game’s debut, fall victim to a freak accident and find themselves in the bodies (and the world) of their characters.  If that wasn’t bad enough, there’s an evil army closing in!  But where the real fun begins is when those characters get transferred into the bodies of the programmers!  Now a legendary knight, a powerful sorcerer, a ruthless barbarian, and a dubiously sexy thief are let loose on Las Vegas…and they’re ready to party!

If you haven’t had a chance to check this series out yet, all three issues that are currently available are now on Comixology!  Issue 4 brings the big finish, so stop in here: and get caught up.  This is one quest that’s sure to level up your comics reading experience!

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