The blockbuster conclusion to the latest Ghostbusters arc is presented in this issue. Featuring the tightest script of the series so far, what supernatural spectacles await the reader? Fire up your unlicensed nuclear accelerators, as Major Spoilers points its PKE meter at GHOSTBUSTERS ONGOING #15…

Writer – Erik Burnham
Artist – Dan Schoening
Colorist – Luis Antonio Delgado
Lettering – Neil Uyetake
Editor – Tom Waltz
Publisher – IDW Publishing
Cover Price – $3.99

Previously in GHOSTBUSTERS A rival team of ghost exterminators has surfaced and nearly driven the original Ghostbusters out of business. However, it turns out that these knock-off “Ghost-smashers” have unwittingly created the perfect storm of the paranormal, using their inferior packs, and the city of New York is threatened by a major otherworldly threat. It’s up to the original boys in beige to save the day!


When I mentioned in the “teaser” text that this is the tightest script in the series so far, I was not exaggerating. The whole episode feels just like the third act to a Hollywood production. It’s classic Ghostbusters without being a re-hash of the two films, and every moment in the book works.

The two teams are brought together by Walter Peck who rips them both a new one for the damage done to the city, while in the same breath begging for their help. It’s reminiscent of the “Mayor Lenny” scene in the first film, but brings so much more to the table. For starters, familiar characters mesh neatly with new faces introduced in this series. The leader of the Ghost-Smashers, Alexander, is the perfect opposite of Venkman…while they’re both smarmy; Alexander comes off as pushy and crass whereas Venkman retains Murray’s charm. The Ghost-Smashers team is comprised of Alexander and three attractive ladies, one of which shows quite a fondness for Ray Stantz. While these women remain underdeveloped by the end of the issue, Burnham has shown a fondness for giving supporting characters returning roles in this series, so I expect to see them all again.

The threat the teams face feels credible and scary. It’s not another Gozer appearance either, and I am quite thankful for that. The two teams uniting in this issue creates tons of possibilities for the future of the franchise, and I can’t wait. With “New Ghostbusters” already teased for 2013, my interest in this series couldn’t be higher. Of the eight paranormal eliminators shown in this issue, only Alexander is advertised to be on the new team. What’s going to happen to the original foursome and the newly-introduced ladies? I can’t wait to find out.


Dan Schoening once again knocks it out of the park with his art in this issue. I couldn’t envision any other artist on this title, with the possible exception of backup artist Tristan Jones. Schoening’s style is simply perfect. On the surface a bit cartoony, the art evokes the sense of humor inherent to the Ghostbusters franchise, while the plot of the book explores the darker aspects neatly. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter. When the tension needs to be ratcheted up, Schoening does a fantastic job of creating some fearsome spooks. The artist also demonstrates his knowledge of Ghostbusters history. The Ecto-2 makes an appearance in this book, and my inner child squealed in glee at its appearance. It was just like the toy I had as a kid (though if anyone has a spare propeller blade, my Ecto-2 lost one long ago).


This is a book that anyone with a passing familiarity with Ghostbusters will enjoy. The interplay between the large cast is handled extraordinarily well, as each member of both teams is given some great character moments. A month ago I would have been the first person to lobby Columbia to release Ghostbusters 3, but thanks to this book, I don’t know if I need to see more on-screen adventures. IDW’s Ghostbusters gives me everything I want and more from this franchise. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fun stories, spooky thrills, or good comics.

Rating: ★★★★½


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