Today apparently is new movie poster day as Warner Bros. has just released the newest poster for Zack Synder’s upcoming Man of Steel film. Take the jump to behold the full image of Superman in chains with a lens flare completing the image.

All rumors can be tossed aside about why this film is titled Man of Steel with this poster. I mean it’s fairly obvious those are steel handcuffs. Besides that I’m really liking the look of Henry Cavill in Superman’s suit.

Man of Steel opens in a theater near you on June 14, 2013.


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  1. When I saw Immortals, I thought “Wow, that guys needs to be Superman!” and then I found he actually was going to be Superman I was totally stoked about this movie. I think the cast is right with this movie. As long as Nolan can do a superpowered hero I think this movie is going to kick butt.

  2. I don’t want to be “that guy hating on comic movies,” but why do all superhero costumes have to look like they’re made out of basketball skin nowadays? If there was one hero that didn’t need the armored-up look, it’s Superman.

  3. I agree with Dan. I hate the Kryptonian armor in the New 52; and I’m not too thrilled about the costume in this movie. Am I the only one who misses the underwear over the unitard look?

  4. Why has NOBODY commented on the fact that superman, who can bench press a planet, is being held captive by mere handcuffs? Those don’t look like Krytponite handcuffs, and those look like human captors so… what the frig?

  5. It’s probably a case of Superman being so law abiding he won’t break free even if he easily could. He probably believes he needs to obey human authority even if it’s wrong.

  6. AT least the lens flare has a discernible light source. I agree on the costume, but it is the essence of “gritty” and “realistic”-they add real grit to the costume. Literally.

  7. I can’t say I am trilled by the scale mail costume – but then again, I remember the furor over the plastic armor in the early shots of the Thor movie – and the actual movie turned out fine. So long as they don’t pull the cellophane “S” trick, I will reserve judgement.

  8. Those who mess with history… risk history messing with them!
    Superman does not need basketball armor… and his costume (as originally conceived… minus the ballet slippers.) has been iconic for decades.
    The Green Lantern movie costume sucked.
    Wonder Woman with pants never made it on screen.
    Apparently, Batman is the only exception to this rule.
    Just don’t give him armored nipples.
    And, I repeat… “Superman Returns” did not suck.
    And, he looked just like Superman.
    (And, eerily like Christopher Reeve at times!)
    The cast for this movie looks awesome…
    I hope they don’t mess it up!

  9. I want to be excited about this movie, but something is holding me back. Low expectations are probably the best expectations anyhow.

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