This issue: Major Spoilers gets political, reboots Back to the Future, and ponders why shmosh Smosh is so freakin’ popular.


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  1. If you can’t make small cuts, how can you make big cuts. PBS is a small budget issue. Right now we can’t make any cuts in government spending without someone saying “that hurts me Stop it.”

    The funny thing is the Big bird thing might help make sure Obama doesn’t get reelected because it make him look small. President Obama whats your plan for the next four years? “To save big bird.” Doesn’t Big bird work for one of those evil 1%er that makes 100’s of thousands of dollars off the PBS. “let me be clear, no more questions.”

    Yeah that fish isn’t going to fly. I respect the world is run by enlighten self interest but that is all this episode is.

  2. I love Major Spoilers and I love you guys, even though I am Christian Conservative, on the opposite end of the spectrum from you all. Sayomara is exactly right on this topic. There is no doubt that our country is in a massive spending and debt crisis. There is tons of blame to throw around on both sides of the political aisle. The issue is, how are we going to fix it. Yes, the real issues in terms of spending are in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and National Security. Because all politicians have ZERO backbone, nothing is going to be done about those things. So, the alternatives are to try and find things that can be cut to save money that will affect the fewest amount of people and society in the least intrusive way possible. NEA, PBS, and NPR do employ people, and people like Rodrigo whom I love, but in today’s media saturated world, do we REALLY need government sponsored TV, Radio, and Art? In today’s world, I believe that if NEA projects, PBS, and NPR cannot be self sufficient, then they should go away. We have no shortage of other TV channels that produce the same type of content in terms of independent movies, arts, children’s and informational programming.

    tl;dr – love you guys, country heading towards debt cliff, gotta cut something and politicians too scared to cut things that actually matter so PBS and organizations like that have to take the hit and find alternate ways to survive in today’s world.

  3. I was going to throw out lots of political stuff but the two posts above sum up about 80% of what I would say on this topic so let me make some comments about the show itself instead. Before I get into it, let me say I do really enjoy Major Spoilers and I am a regular listener.

    1.) If your going to have a debate on the show about the stance of presidential candidates on different issues and you begin with “I don’t watch the debates because they have nothing new to say”, you lose a lot of credibility on the subject.

    2.) There really is no in depth discussion on the topic at hand when everyone on the show has similar political opinions. You need to have a political foil or at least have someone play devils advocate to make it interesting.

    3.) This is more of a comment on podcasting and nerd culture in general. I listen to 4-5 podcasts on a regular basis that have to do with pop culture (Nerdest, SMODcast, etc.) why is it that the vast majority of voices in the industry are on the left? Any thoughts?

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