New York Comic Con is quickly approaching, which means all the publishers are going to start pushing out what they will be offering. This time around it’s DC Collectibles giving us a glimpse of what will be available to the attendees.

The DC Nation’s Saturday morning lineup on Cartoon Network has been running around a year now so it’s no surprise that one of Collectibles exclusives comes directly from that. Aardman Batman is a character that has reappeared in the DC shorts between shows and who’s design was done by the team behind Wallace & Gormit. For a cool $25 Aardman can join your collection.

The second part of DC Collectibles announcement was an extension of the 3.75″ inch line of action figures. Green Lantern John Stewart and Red Lantern Atrocitus will be making their way to NYCC in a two-pack that will also cost you $25. The gun that Stewart is holding seems to be off in color in this picture so hopefully it has a more green shade in person.


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