Would you like to own your own Iron Man influenced Boba Fett helmet? What about a Spartan/Clone Trooper mash up? Well the biding is open and bid you should because all of the money goes to a good cause.

Star Wars Celebration IV is happening down in Florida this week, so it is the obvious place for The Dented Helmet and the 501st Legion to display their custom built helmets. But the helmets aren’t just for display, they are on the bidding block known as Ebay. The two forces will be giving all the money from the auctions and donating it to the Make-A-Wish foundation to help give happiness to children facing life-threatening medical conditions.

Wide ranges of helmets were designed taking influences from properties like: Total Recall, 300, Knight Rider, Iron Man, and Rocketeer. The list of designers includes kid Janvi, Slideshow Collectibles, WETA, and the creator of the original Boba Fett helmet, Joe Johnston. You can see some of the designs below, or you can go here to place a bid.


via SuperheroHype


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  1. Those are pretty neat! A friend of mine is actually doing something not too far off for my Mandalorian helmet for my custom armor, but it won’t be quite as cool as these.

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