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  1. Okay wow. I never get 1st vote on something. But yes Spider-Man: Blue is my favorite from Sale/Loeb. My main thing is that Spider-Man has for me a better story. It shows him as a more “real” character to me. On top of that I just don’t care as much about Daredevil or the Hulk. The art is just fantastic in blue, the multiple shades just work for me and give it that cool jazzy feel. Its almost like we are seeing inside Peters soul world and how upset he feels over the loss of Gwen and how conflicted he felt betraying her for Mary Jane. Thinking about it more if I had read Spider-Man before being introduced to the cartoon series in the mid-90’s I would have gone “Bleh” and not watched it if I had known more about Gwen.

    So thats my two cents.

  2. Why isn’t there an “I haven’t read any of these.” option? Because I haven’t, but I have a very limited comic budget and these characters aren’t’ my first choice.

  3. Lee Smith (SawHat on BGG) on

    I haven’t read any of these. White and gray really aren’t colors, so I voted for blue, cause I don’t like Daredevil’s yellow costume.

  4. As I’ve only read Spider-man Blue, I’m not going to vote in this week’s poll because Matthew would get mad if I voted and then said “Well this one because it’s the only one I know about.”

    I only commented here to give Stephen something to ignore.

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